AppsFlyer Cares COVID-19 response

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AppsFlyer Cares COVID-19 response

As a global company, operating in 5 continents, our reach has enabled us to recognize and understand the effect of COVID-19 in real-time from day one.

This has provided us a unique perspective on both present and future needs, allowing us to maximize our global assistance for all of the regions and communities in which we operate.

Our strategy is focused on two key aspects: preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the most vulnerable populations.

COVID-19 health


Our immediate assistance is divided among the two main acute needs in our regions – providing protective and other necessary equipment to frontline teams in hospitals, and protecting the lives of the elderly through PPE donations and supporting safety measures in nursing homes.


  • Assisting with shipment and distribution an in-kind donation of N95 masks to public front line workers through our global network
  • Supporting essential protection equipment for the city of  ‘Suifenghe’, a border city between China and Russia, facing a huge COVID-19 outbreak – in collaboration with the Red Cross
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Beijing


Launching our Do Good Fund to engage our people through joint contributions where Appsflyer Cares matches every donation to the COVID-19 response in Israel. 

With the fund matched donations we supported these causes:

  • Providing full protective equipment for family members of patients with COVID-19, enabling them to separate from their loved ones in their last hours – in collaboration with Ichilov Hospital
  • Expanding response and treatment in the Negev and the Bedouin diaspora through the donation of professional medical equipment bags – in collaboration with MDA
  • Supporting the prevention equipment needs in nursing homes and geriatric institutions – in collaboration with Veshamarta
  • Supporting the maintaining of nutritional security among needy Holocaust survivors living in the periphery through the distribution of food packages and warm cooked meals. In collaboration with Latet and Leket Israel


Supporting medical teams and providing protective equipment to Kiev hospitals

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Kiev


Strengthening medical teams and providing care packages to Berlin Vivantes Hospital

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Berlin


  • Collaborating with Supporting Visiting Nurse Service Of New York (VNSNY) and supporting their efforts to continue caring for thousands of  COVID-19 positive patients in their homes by providing essential PPE gear to front-line staff and patients 
  • Strengthening and honoring front-line medical teams by providing care packages to NY hospitals
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response New York
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response NYC


Supporting children at risk with emergency kits, food, and PPE equipment – in collaboration with the Miral Organization

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Seoul
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response South Korea
COVID-19 research and innovation

Research and innovation

We launched a $500,000 Fund in order to help medical institutions and researchers find cures and innovative solutions to help stop the COVID-19 Global pandemic.

More tests will enable to identify and track who carries the virus and who is immune, a crucial part in the efforts to prevent the spread and adjust to the new normal.

As citizens of this planet we feel obligated to do our part to fight this together. 

For more reading: COVID-19: The New Normal, Oren Kaniel, CEO & co-founder


The Middle East Consortium for Infectious Disease Surveillance (MECIDS)

A NPO with professionals from Jordan, Palestinian Authority and Israel to fulfill the goal of facilitating trans-border cooperation in response to disease outbreaks. We are proud to join forces with the best minds in the middle east to fight Corona with Innovation and regional cooperation.

SPARK program at Stanford University, California in collaboration with Tsukuba University, Japan 

While antivirals are important for reducing the infectivity of SARS-CoV2, clinical data show that the main cause of death are due to lung or heart failure.

The program strives to limit the progress of the disease to keep patients from needing a ventilator. It is estimated that 50% of patients on ventilator support result in fatality.

Al Quds Public Health Society affiliated with Al Quds University in East Jerusalem 

Prof Ziad Abdeen from the Faculty of Medicine of Al-Quds University in the West Bank, has created a device which intends to boost the immune system and thus help the body fight viruses faster.

We are humbled to donate to Prof. Ziad Abdeen,

Author of more than 200 scientific publications and 3 books, in order to aid his research to accelerate the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and other viruses.

Rambam Hospital in collaboration with the Technion University 

Researchers in more than 20 Technion labs are working around the clock to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Their research includes early detection and diagnosis of the virus, development of a vaccine and therapies, and designing robotic solutions for remote monitoring and care of patients.

The Weizmann Institute 

The institute developed a new methodology that involves fewer stages than existing tests that would greatly reduce exposure to the dangerous virus, thereby preventing infection and preserving the health of clinical teams. This game-changing robotics technology is being calibrated now in the hopes that it will be available soon for screening the entire Israeli public and in time, anyone in the world.

Tel Aviv University 

TAU labs have been working on the Coronaviruses since 2003 with the outbreaks of SARS and MERS, so some of the work has already been done! They are testing innovation, antibodies, infection big data analysis, vaccination, and treatment

Kaizen -#AppsFightCovid 

An information campaign aimed to bring accurate, localized information to people in developing countries through video and rich media ads. Educating them about how to prevent getting infected and infecting others and busting common myths about the virus.

This is our time to create the New Normal.

We encourage pharma companies, individuals, and nations to collaborate on this effort. If you are in the testing innovation field and have a viable testing solution for COVID-19, please contact us:



The Covid-19 quarantine has created social exclusion for many people around the world.

One powerful example of this is distance learning.

The need for internet access and online tools revealed an acute educational gap for children from disadvantaged families.

From the beginning of the crisis, we have put significant effort into bridging these gaps through computer donations, volunteering as youth mentors, creating partnerships, and supporting educational programs in our communities.


Supporting children from disadvantaged families through improving digital and educational equipment to reduce social exclusion during the quarantine


Donating computers to Orr Shalom, homes for children and youth who have been removed by court from their homes due to abuse or neglect


  • Renovating and launching a computer lab at an at risk youth institution
  • Developing and leading online training courses on software development for at-risk youth


Collaborating with  The Mirror Foundation on the “Laptop for Child” Project for at-risk children in public schools 

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Bangkok
COVID-19 community


Our main mission has been to protect and improve the lives of people in our communities and strengthen frontline workers’ resilience during the crisis.

We have joined forces with local partners and supported programs to meet the diverse needs and challenges in our communities.

Sao Paulo:

  • Supporting local nursing home residents & teams with essential equipment
  • Developing a woman to woman program by supporting women & children in woman shelters    


  • Supporting Holocaust survivors by donating food packages and weekly warm meals to needy – in collaboration with Latet and Leket Israel 
  • Reducing food waste by donating all of the fresh food from our Israel offices to hostels for at-risk youth
  • Showing our appreciation and supporting front line hospitals teams, with our festive AppsFlyer delivery truck by visiting hospitals all across the country and giving them a few moments of music, sweets, appreciation, and happiness
  • Special Independence Day initiative: showing our appreciation for the founding generation by visiting nursing homes all across the country with flowers and thank you cards, and singing with the elderly through the windows – in collaboration with Independence with essence.
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Israel
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Yad Sarah
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response in Israel
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response at Israeli hospitals
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response for Israeli doctors
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response for independence day in Israel


  • Collaborating with CHD GROUPE and creating a mutual program to  protect distant rural areas by providing and distributing food products and PPE kits to front-line public teams, elderly in nursing homes and families living in poverty
  • Adopting and protecting a local nursing home in Bangalore by providing essential food supplies and PPE gear
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Bangalore
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response India


  • Collecting clothes and needed supplies to deliver to families damaged by fires in the north of the country
  • Supporting hundreds of underprivileged poor families with food and necessary survival items – in collaboration with Mercy Centre
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response Bangkok at the Mercy center


Engaging our people by launching the LATAM AppsFlyer Cares Do Good Fund to support community initiatives in women shelters, nursing homes and pavella communities 

Sao Paolo

Adopting and supporting local nursing home residents & teams with essential equipment

Sao Paolo & Buenos Aires 

Developing a woman to woman program by supporting women & children in woman shelters   


We have worked to create new ways to volunteer in line with the limits on social gatherings.

Our people volunteer through phone calls for the elderly, as well as online workshops, lessons, and consulting services.


Our team volunteered and joined to pack and distribute food to hundreds of families – in collaboration with Mercy Center.

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Bangkok
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Bangkok at the Mercy center


  • R&D team members volunteered as mentors for underprivileged youth who are in the process of developing prototypes with Unistream 
  • Our CPO and R&D Chief of staff volunteered as judges on the Unistream advisory committee
  • Our people made calls to hundreds of elderly people on a weekly basis since the beginning of the crisis, to help reduce loneliness and help them feel connected and supported – in collaboration with Click, a social business enterprise provides valuable work to elders
  • Online enrichment activity
  • Our team 3D printed bows for medical teams’ face mask shields – in collaboration with Masks4Docs  
  • Launching Advice me, a consulting platform, led by our HR professionals, that provides career advice to people who have lost their job
  • Professional webinars and workshops through our collaborations with nonprofits and social community organizations.
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Israel
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Israel with USAID
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Israel with Woman2Woman
AppsFlyer COVID-19 response volunteering in Israel with new immigrants

Our Partners

AppsFlyer COVID-19 response partners
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