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IGG Inc. is a popular mobile game publisher dedicated to bringing amazing games to gamers all over the world. Since opening their doors in 2006, they have created over 20 original games that are enjoyed by players across over 200 countries.

According to the UN’s State of Broadband 2016 report, China has the world’s largest internet market with 721 million users.

With strong performance in overseas market, IGG expanded to domestic market, China, with the title Lords of Mobile.


The Chinese market posed a unique challenge: while the mobile advertising market is not yet as standardized as other markets of scale, the unique combination of scale, growth and mobile business opportunity presents a highly attractive prospect for businesses.

IGG needed an attribution and measurement solution that integrated with a different set of local media sources so they could identify their quality traffic sources.


IGG choose to extend their global relationship with AppsFlyer to their newest market, China. AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with China’s leading media sources and platforms delivered the robust coverage IGG needed.

IGG began working with a number of local ad partners including Bytedance, one of the largest advertising platforms in China, to drive quality installs at scale. Bytedance’s Toutiao app is among most popular news apps in China and their Today’s Headlines video platform allowed IGG to test every multiple ads using their native, short-form video ad platform.

By measuring their performance through AppsFlyer, IGG was able to optimize both their creatives and their campaigns to improve their marketing and bottom-line business performance.

“After strong global growth, the Chinese market posed a unique set of challenges. AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with leading in-market media sources including Bytedance, were key to our success.” – Josh Zheng, BD Director


AppsFlyer’s took a great effort for it and helped companies like IGG to attribute and measure the user quality from different media sources.

At the same time they are able to compare the performance of Chinese users with other countries, which is also important for them to make strategic decisions.

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