AI & Creative Optimization

Marju Sokman AI Expert, Bespoke Marketing
Mateusz Bochenczak Account Executive, AppsFlyer

Marju Sokman, AI expert, delivered an engaging session on leveraging AI tools for marketers. With practical insights and tips, she highlighted the potential of platforms like ChatGPT to streamline tasks, from content creation to SEO optimization, while urging companies to prioritize data control. Sokman also shared the CRAFT framework for prompting, explaining each letter of the acronym to build the most efficient prompt for AI tools.

Next, Mateusz Bochenczak continued the AI talk, presenting “How to find creative winners and use AI to maximize their value”. He highlighted the importance of creative optimization on advertising effectiveness, and how AI is able to break down each element with actual performance data from your channels and MMP can help marketers build winners and optimize their creatives on a whole other level.

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