Demystifying Data Clean Rooms

Sree Lakshmi Head of Growth, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  1. Learn how secure data collaboration protects user privacy
  2. Discover powerful insights from combined first-party and attribution data
  3. Enhance targeted advertising with enriched, privacy-safe data

What’s in this video?

Join Sree Lakshmi, Head of Growth at AppsFlyer, as she delves into the intersection of privacy, marketing, and data analytics in the digital landscape. This session explores privacy regulations, the merging of marketing and revenue functions, and the practical applications of Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) in enabling secure data collaboration while safeguarding user privacy.

Discover the benefits of using DCRs as data collaboration platforms, allowing retailers and brands to enhance their data sets without compromising security, ultimately improving customer targeting and maximizing ROI. 

Watch recording here

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