Fireside chat: The future of measurement & marketing, Google and AppsFlyer

Amit Varia Product Management, Google
Barak Witkowski EVP Product, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Get insight to the high-level goals in the process and evolution of Google Privacy Sandbox
  • Discover how generative AI plays into the next wave of privacy-forward initiatives
  • Uncover the future of privacy on Chrome and Android and how the two interact

What’s in this webinar?

Google is setting a new standard for the ecosystem in their launch of Privacy Sandbox. In this fireside chat, AppsFlyer’s EVP Product, Barak Witkowski sits down with Amit Varia, Director of Product Management at Google to uncover the pillars that were critical to the design of Privacy Sandbox.

Amit shares how the wider ecosystem is relating to these changes and how he sees the adtech and marketing industries changing as a result of privacy-forward initiatives. We uncover the connection between Privacy Sandbox on web and on Android.

Finally, we uncover how AI plays into these privacy initiatives, specifically how measurement complexities and Privacy Sandbox mesh with this new era of AI in advertising.

Watch recording here

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