Bridging the Gap: Leveraging gaming expertise for cross-industry fraud prevention

Andreas Naumann Anti Fraud Evangelist, AppsFlyer
Chen Glanz Shtern Director of Retention Marketing, SciPlay
Piyush Mishra Head of Growth Marketing, Product Madness
Adam Smart Director of Product - Gaming, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Discover effective methods for fraud detection and prevention from mobile games
  • Learn which key metrics to track in order to assess the impact of ad fraud on user acquisition 
  • Gain actionable insights on and strategies to combat ad fraud in different markets.

What’s in this webinar?

Join us as we will delve into the world of fraud prevention. Explore how gaming user acquisition managers’ proven tactics can be adapted and applied across different verticals industries to create a safer and more secure advertising ecosystem.

We’ll uncover the current state of fraud and how fraudsters adapt to advanced protection measures. As we explore the mobile gaming ecosystem, you’ll gain valuable insights into the most common types of ad fraud and learn effective methods for detecting and preventing them. To ensure your campaigns stay on track, we’ll help you identify key metrics and KPIs to track and assess the impact of ad fraud on user acquisition efforts. Not only that, but we’ll also equip you with actionable insights on regional variances, enabling you to develop targeted strategies for combating fraud in different markets.

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