The future of marketing and measurement

Roy Yanai AVP Product, AppsFlyer
Jolyn Yao Product Manager - Privacy Sandbox for Android, Google
Trenton Starkey Product Manager - Privacy Sandbox for Android, Google
Yoni Eller VP User Acquisition, Scopely
Andrew Brock Senior Director of Product Management, Unity
Güven Soydan VP Product, Remerge

Key highlights

  • Discover the Privacy Sandbox changes, from the product designers themselves
  • Uncover the collaborations taking place to ensure smooth business continuity while embracing privacy-forward practices 
  • Hear growth strategies from market leaders

What’s in this webinar?

Privacy Sandbox is right around the corner, and its launch marks another step forward for privacy-preserving technology. 

But what are some of the critical components for marketing, measurement, and remarketing? 

Join the discussion as industry leaders, including the product designers of Google Privacy Sandbox on Android, unravel the ways we can continue to personalize end-user’s experiences and the primary components of Google Privacy Sandbox’s Attribution API and Protected Audiences API.

Watch recording here

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