State of mobile ad fraud and DIY fraud mitigation techniques

Andreas Naumann Anti-Fraud Evangelist, AppsFlyer
Adi Krysler Senior Product Marketing Manager, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • State of mobile ad fraud
  • Sanity checking your campaign metrics
  • Practical examples and Q&A

What’s in this webinar?

Are you tired of relying on a single tool like blocklisting for fraud prevention, which may not even effectively reduce your fraud exposure? It’s time to take control and learn some practical steps to mitigate ad fraud on your own.

In this webinar, discover some simple steps you can take to protect your business from ad fraud, from Andreas Naumann, one of the world’s leading experts in mobile ad fraud and security, and Adi Krysler, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppsFlyer.

We’ll also dive into how the past year impacted fraudulent activity in the mobile ecosystem, including country and industry benchmarks in top markets, most popular fraud methods, and more. 

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to stay ahead of the game and safeguard your business. 

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