Championing iOS14+ for gaming apps

Sharad Jaiswal Marketing Science Partner, Gaming EMEA Meta
Andrea Gillis Strategic Partnerships Lead EMEA, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Dive into SKAdNetwork & strategies for setting conversion values ​​
  • Optimize measurement conversion metrics 
  • AppsFlyer & Facebook gaming’s Q&A

What’s in this webinar?

Looking to level up your gaming app’s success in the iOS14+ privacy-centric reality? Our latest on-demand webinar with Facebook Gaming at Meta has you covered.

In this virtual event, we explore the top gaming industry trends and insights in the EMEA region. Our expert panel also shares strategies for setting measurement conversion values to help you maximize your app’s performance measurement and actionable tips for optimizing conversion metrics for iOS14+ with Meta.

Whether you’re a seasoned gaming app marketer or just getting started, this webinar is packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you drive success in the iOS14+ world. 

Start taking your app’s performance to the next level!

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