Privacy Sandbox: A deep-dive into remarketing with Google and Adikteev

Roy Yanai AVP Product - Measurement, AppsFlyer
Trenton Starkey Product Manager - Privacy Sandbox, Google
Loïc Anton Chief Product Officer, Adikteev

Key highlights

  • The future of measurement and privacy and why the two are linked
  • The vision Google has for the future of privacy and measurement
  • Deep-dive into the Protected Audiences API
  • Q&A on privacy-centric measurement and remarketing

What’s in this webinar?

Join AppsFlyer, Google, and Adikteev for an insightful session on Privacy Sandbox through the lens of remarketing with the Protected Audiences API. 

With the launch of Privacy Sandbox around the corner, now is the time to dive deeper into the next big thing in privacy-centric measurement. Learn how to master the upcoming changes and discover how to leverage the Protected Audiences API to optimize your remarketing campaigns.

Watch now to discover what it means for the industry and how marketers can start preparing for its rollout now. 

Watch recording here

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