Future Play: Unveiling tomorrow’s gaming landscape

Chris Melissinos Principal Evangelist - Video Game Industry, AWS
Joy Keene Executive Director, NZGDA
Rishi Dasgupta Account Executive, AppsFlyer for Games

Key highlights

  • Shifting consumer behavior 
  • Privacy changes impacting the industry in general
  • Technology advancements and the future of gaming experience

What’s in this webinar?

The gaming industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. In this 40 minute webinar moderated by NZGDA, hear what the industry experts from AppsFlyer and AWS had to share. Listen to the gaming market insights for Australia and New Zealand from Rishi Dasgupta, and hear from Chris Melissinos on the global trends, current states, and forecast together what’s coming in the future. 

Tune into this webinar and uncover evolving consumer behaviors, navigate the challenges of privacy in gaming, and discover emerging technologies set to transform the gaming landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic world of gaming. Watch now and join the forefront of gaming innovation!

Watch recording here

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