Taking customer engagement to the next level: Announcing a first-to-market integration with Braze

By Pavel Dimshiz
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The mobile ecosystem is going through a major shift in data privacy and consumer preferences, driving more brands to adapt their mobile engagement strategies and focus their efforts on nourishing and growing their relationships with customers.
Braze, a leading customer engagement platform, provides brands with the tools they need to build and maintain personalized messages across multiple channels by utilizing data-driven solutions.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a first-to-market two-way integration with Braze, part of their new Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program, that will further leverage AppsFlyer’s attribution and marketing analytics data, as well as Braze’s customer engagement data, to enable more personalized and meaningful engagements between brands and their customers.

A holistic approach to re-engagement

When it comes to re-engagement there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every brand has different strategies for re-engaging their users and that usually means both paid (e.g. ads) and owned (e.g. email, push notifications) channels are utilized in order to achieve the desired goal. One of the biggest challenges that brands face when attempting this strategy is maximizing their reach across both sorts of channels and making sure their efforts are geared towards a mutual goal.

The good news is that it’s now possible! With the integration allowing data to flow both ways, marketers can connect the audiences they created using AppsFlyer’s Audiences tool directly to Braze and easily execute cross-channel campaigns using even more advanced segmentation capabilities.

In the near future, brands will also be able to leverage Braze engagement data when segmenting their audiences within AppsFlyer.

This allows brands to execute truly connected, cross-channel campaigns that support improved, highly relevant customer experiences without compromising on user data privacy.

AppsFlyer and Braze integration

Make every engagement count

AppsFlyer measures billions of mobile actions every day, covering a multitude of critical touchpoints with customers—spanning from installs, through various in-app events, to uninstalls and more. Leveraging this data can help support a more complete profile for every user and make it easier to effectively craft messages that speak directly to them.

AppsFlyer’s integration with Braze already supports install attribution data and now will enable brands to enhance their segmentation efforts by allowing them to more easily leverage audiences created within Appsflyer in their customer engagement efforts. This will extend the reach of their campaigns and will provide a better understanding of how to optimize them.

Brands can utilize the integration in a variety of ways, and because the integration goes both ways, there are different use cases for each side:

In the AppsFlyer platform, you can now include or exclude users who have performed certain engagements within a Braze campaign, for example:

  1. Exclude users who have already responded to a push or email campaign from seeing similar ads on paid media.
  2. Include users that are part of an email campaign to extend reach across paid media channels

In the Braze platform, you can target or filter out users who belong to a specific AppsFlyer audience, for example:

  1. Extend the reach of your cross-channel campaigns and maximize their impact by targeting AppsFlyer predefined audiences. 
  2. Utilize AppsFlyer’s rich segmentation to enhance targeting within Braze
  3. Measure Braze campaigns as part of incrementality experiments to understand their incremental lift vs. paid channels 

Going all-in on engagement

There’s no doubt that mobile re-engagement, like many other areas of the mobile ecosystem, is evolving. That’s forcing brands to adapt their mobile app strategies and look for smarter, better ways to engage with their customers.
Even with the new privacy policies set forth by Apple for iOS 14+, brands can still build great experiences and provide value to their customers all while successfully monetizing their app if they are given the right tools to do so efficiently.

AppsFlyer’s integration with Braze is a significant step forward when it comes to achieving a more holistic and complete view of user engagement. By serving up better user experiences in the app and beyond, brands will now have a significant advantage in the customer engagement landscape and an improved ability to drive increased value from their investments going forward.

Pavel Dimshiz

With over six years in the Adtech space, Pavel brings rich experience in developing and distributing creative monetization products that people love. Pavel is passionate about everything digital and in the last two years has been focused on exploring new and emerging technologies that will shape the future of content and advertising

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