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AppsFlyer's Integrated Partners

Marketers' Perspective

The mobile ecosystem is a complex and sophisticated web of different stakeholders that continues to grow. While ad networks of every kind make up a large chunk of the ecosystem, there are other mobile services such as product analytics, marketing automation, or A/B testing platforms out there. Once you integrate AppsFlyer’s SDK, you have access to them all! Our Universal SDK unlocks this world for you. Each type of third party provides added value to the advertiser. Advertisers can easily navigate the partner list by filtering via partner type. Look for more filters coming soon! AppsFlyer has over 6,000 partner integrations, giving you the flexibility to test out different services without the need to install every SDK.

AppsFlyer truly is a data hub between advertisers and integrated partners. These integrations allow AppsFlyer to provide advertisers with a range of attribution data to a variety of third-party partners.


Grand Central for Optimization and Retargeting

The Power of a Universal SDK

AppsFlyer’s Universal SDK provides access to the entire mobile ecosystem. Significant time and money is saved because there is absolutely no need to install additional SDKs since no developer time is needed. Marketers have the flexibility to experiment with different partners to ensure they’re getting the best ROI. For instance, if you want to work with Facebook, Twitter, Vungle and MixPanel, you still only need to implement the AppsFlyer SDK since they are all integrated partners.

Types of Integrated Partners

Ad Networks:

A mobile advertising network is a company that connects advertisers to apps and sites (ie mobile web)  that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. Some may specialize in retargeting campaigns or programmatic or in a specific vertical while others have direct relationships with publishers


A third-party that manages campaigns on behalf of the advertisers. Beyond managing mobile advertising campaigns, some agencies may provide multi-channel campaign services as well as other types of supports. Some agencies may specialize in the gaming vertical while others may work with apps of all types

Analytics Platforms:

A range of the third-party platforms that specialize in providing product analysis (ie in-app analytics). Some may specialize in the gaming vertical while others may cater to others. AppsFlyer will provide them with the attribution data so that advertisers can perform behavioral analysis on users

Affiliate Networks:

Traditional affiliate networks enable advertisers to offer publishers a share of any revenue that is generated by the advertisers from visitors to the publisher’s app, or a fee for each visitor on the publisher’s app that completes a specific action

Retargeting Networks:

This refers to ad networks specializing in re-attribution and re-engagement. Re-engagement is when the user has the app installed on a mobile device and they are sent tailored campaigns to get them active again in the app (ie targeted discount). Re-attribution is a targeted campaign for users who may have uninstalled the app or hasn’t it for over 90 days. This campaign’s goal makes sure that someone re-installs the app

Direct Publisher:

This when the  owner of a specific app integrates with us themselves

Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP):

These are partners that received a stamp of approval from Facebook after complying with specific criteria. A platform can be an FMP under two categories: a specific technology or for media buying. For instance, a platform may allow advertisers to do automatic campaign optimization on Facebook. They can integrate with AppsFlyer (also a Facebook Mobile Marketing Partner) to receive postbacks in real time

Programmatic Advertising:

This is the ability of an ad network to connect with different platforms and buy the media. Meaning, they can buy spots for advertisements without a middleman

Marketing Automation:

This is an overarching category that comprises platforms that perform mobile email, push, and / or in-app messaging campaigns. By integrating with AppsFlyer, provides attribution data to these campaigns


Partners that know are sent data about when TV campaigns are running. This enables the attribution of TV campaigns to installs based on data received. They ping whenever there is a commercial for the specific app- notify us when to open the attribution window. New users will be attributed to campaign within the designated windows

Twitter Official Partners:

These are partners that complied with specific Twitter criteria and received their stamp of approval. As with Facebook, this can be a specific technology or media buying platform for Twitter.

Fraud Detection:

Since mobile fraud is rampant in the industry many advertisers work with third-party companies to receive install and in-app event data from AppsFlyer. They then perform an analysis to detect whether the install is fraudulent or not