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People-Based Attribution

A unified view of your customer's journeys no matter the channel, platform, or device, both online and off.

Goodbye Silos and Disparate Data

AppsFlyer’s People-Based attribution breaks down data silos providing marketers with unified access to data on every touchpoint along the user journey.

This creates fresh opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in personalized, meaningful interactions.

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One View of All Devices, Platforms and Channels

  • Cross-Device

    Reach and engage with your customers wherever they are, whether on desktop, tablet, watching TV/OTT or on the go with their mobile device.

  • Multi-Channel

    Optimize engagement with sequential messaging across different channels. Explore your best-performing channels and boost your ROI.

  • Actionable Insights

    Complex data boiled down to powerful and intuitive data visualizations and reports. Dive deeper into your data to drive real business results.

  • Universal SDK

    Self-serve access to over 4,500 ad networks, retargeting networks, analytics platforms, agencies and more with one, rock-solid SDK.

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From Initial Touchpoint to Conversion and Beyond

This Sankey diagram empowers marketers to discover the optimal device and platform for different touchpoints along the user journey. Understand your best customers, which device to reach them on, and where they are most likely to convert.

Powerful Insights in Stunning Detail

Analysis begins with consistent access to quality, first-party data. AppsFlyer’s dashboards are designed to deliver the highest level of granularity at scale; dissect, slice and dice your data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and trends. 

The Multi-Touch Difference

When we say you can measure every step of the journey on every possible dimension, we really mean it. With AppsFlyer, you can understand the real value and contribution of each customer touchpoint leading up to a conversion, whether on paid, organic or owned/earned channels.

AppsFlyer’s Smart Banners

Convert web users to highly engaged, loyal app users with a powerful trigger point along the customer journey.

With intuitive customization features accessible from your dashboard, you can pick a template, customize design and add optimal messaging.

No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, every time.

Learn how Apartment List drove a 2x lift in day 0 logins and a 30% increase in user LTV by delivering a unique web-to-app experience across different screens with AppsFlyer.

Show me how it’s done

AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. We have gained full 360-degree insight to our user acquisition activity, while lowering our costs. No marketing tech stack is complete without AppsFlyer.

Sadie Daryan, Global Head of Display & App Marketing, eBay

AppsFlyer's mastery in mobile attribution has been a major key to the success of our mobile campaigns and is an essential component of our marketing tech stack. While the true potential of holistic, people-based attribution has yet to be fully realized, we look forward to AppsFlyer expanding its expertise in mobile to the digital world and beyond.

Simon Lejeune, Head of User Acquisition, Hopper

Being able to connect the dots between web and mobile is essential for our business. In today's multi-channel and multi-device world, identifying precisely how customers are interacting with our brand has been a huge pain point for us. AppsFlyer's people-based attribution is going to change the way we do marketing, giving us insights we've never had access to before.

Denitsa Georgieva, Head of Acquisition Marketing, Virtuo

People-Based Requires Scale

  • 8.4B

    Devices Catalogued

  • 1T

    Datapoints Measured

  • 89K

    Leading Apps

From Mobile Attribution to Holistic People-Based Innovation

Deep dive into the key trends shaping the future of marketing:

  • The evolution, not revolution, of people-based attribution
  • Why adopting a mobile-first strategy is key to success
  • The importance of data privacy & security in people-based attribution
  • Use cases mapping various attribution scenarios
  • And more!

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Attribution rookies can expose your business to data vulnerabilities

Staying ahead of the risks in the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem is crucial to the health of your business. AppsFlyer’s products are designed with security and privacy at the forefront, with the dedicated security and privacy team involved from the earliest stages of development. When attribution is put in the wrong hands, disaster strikes.

Top Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

  • Scaled for Enterprise

    Proven to deliver the highest reliability at scale, ensuring uninterrupted access to the data that’s the lifeblood of your mobile business.

  • #1 Client Satisfaction

    With a 97% client retention – we take pride in providing long-term value for our amazing clients by serving as a trusted extension of their team

  • Leaders in Privacy

    While other attribution companies have been subject to repeated breaches, AppsFlyer holds the industry's most comprehensive compliance program.

  • Powerful Deep Linking

    OneLink powerful deep links create frictionless user experiences, driving users straight to the in-app point of sale - even after install.

  • Fraud Prevention & Detection

    Our unparalleled scale enables 360 protection from the most sophisticated types of fraud, including device farms, emulators and advanced bots.

  • Ad Revenue Reporting

    Combine ad revenue data with in-app purchases and subscription revenue data to determine the full LTV of your users.

  • TV/OTT Attribution

    Easily measure your broadcast media campaign performance down to the last dollar and install, so you can optimize your multi-channel campaigns.

  • Omni-Channel LTV

    S2S integration tying together your media, customer engagement and purchase activity to optimize your omni-channel marketing efforts.