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Tet Mobile Insights 2019

Tet Holidays in Vietnam: 2019 App Market Insights

Mobile app shopping for Tet continues to surge in popularity this year as more and more busy office workers choose to complete their purchases online rather than brave the crowds on busy streets and packed supermarkets. Following 2018’s dramatic rise in non-organic installs for several Shopping apps after pre-holiday campaigns, install volumes continue this trend in 2019. Shopping apps don’t reap the benefits alone, however; growth opportunities abound for mobile games as well, once the holiday draws to a close.

Our new, comprehensive Tet Holidays in Vietnam: 2019 App Market Insights report provides unique mobile insights from Vietnam Tet holidays, addressing the following questions, and many more:

  • Which changes in the mobile ecosystem have we observed between Tet 2018 and 2019?
  • When should Shopping and Gaming apps invest in their marketing campaigns: before, during, or after Tet?
  • Has Android or iOS provided mobile marketers with the best ROI during this festivity?


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