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From Mobile Attribution to Holistic People-Based Innovation [Guide]

The explosion of mobile has given marketers unprecedented opportunities to engage with an always-on audience, but it has also created a significantly fragmented landscape. 

The promise of holistic measurement seeks to solve this challenge but despite much talk in the industry about it in the past decade or so, only a handful of marketers have been able to accurately connect the dots with people-based attribution. In other words, the rise of smart devices has, in most cases, not led to smarter marketing.

Why is there such a gap between perception and reality, and why are we on the verge of change? 

From Mobile Attribution to Holistic People-Based Innovation offers marketers an in-depth look at this key concept of marketing, exploring:

  • The evolution, not revolution, of people-based attribution
  • Why adopting a mobile-first strategy is key to success
  • The importance of data privacy & security in people-based attribution
  • Key concepts in people-based attribution 
  • Use cases mapping various attribution scenarios 
  • Omni-channel reporting & optimization
  • And more!


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