Turn web traffic into highly engaged app users with web-to-app banners

By Karen Cohen
web-to-app banners - square
web-to-app banners - square

Over the last few years, there have been countless debates about the demise of mobile web at the hands of native apps.
Is mobile web dead?

Not at all. 

With the rising cost per install and a crowded marketplace, this debate is a thing of the past. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the crucial role mobile websites play in mobile growth strategy as an entry ticket to the world of search and app discovery.

While mobile web has a number of inherent advantages — broader accessibility, compatibility and cost-effectiveness — mobile apps is where you really scale.

To help app marketers get the most out of both mobile web and app spaces, AppsFlyer has created Web-to-App Banners.

Web-to-App Banner

Adding a Web-to-App Banner to your mobile website is an incredibly valuable tool for converting web traffic into app users.

Not only is it a frictionless way to drive users to your app, it’s proven to convert high quality users into highly engaged and loyal app users.

Shortening the path to purchase

Powered by OneLink, AppsFlyer’s deep linking solution, Web-to-App Banners harness the power of deep linking.

Unlike banners such as Apple Smart App Banner, our banners work across every platform (iOS, Android, and desktop) and deliver a seamless user experience through install.

As you would expect from a deep link, when users click on the banner’s call-to-action (CTA), they are automatically sent to the app store.

Our Web-to-App banners go a step further.

Once the app is launched, users are routed to the matching in-app content they were viewing on mobile web and can be welcomed with a custom message. This tailored approach gives app marketers an edge in holding users’ interest, furthering them along the activation funnel.

AppsFlyer makes web-to-app banners incredibly easy

Web-to-App Banners are becoming a core part of mobile-first businesses. They’re powerful, unintrusive and clean, and the real beauty is that they are also very easy to implement.

With AppsFlyer’s open and ready to go Web-to-App Banners framework, you can create smart banners and customize them to match your brand in just a few simple steps.

Just create an AppsFlyer account, drop a few lines of code to your website and your Web-to-App Banner working across literally every possible platform.

To learn more about our Web-to-App Banners, check out the code on GitHub or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.

Karen Cohen

Karen is AppsFlyer's director of Product Marketing. With over 10 years experience in "full stack marketing", Karen built and led global innovation programs and Product Marketing teams in numerous startups and enterprise companies like Hewlett Packard.

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