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Whether you're an app developer with limited resources or a marketer at a leading brand, the time is right to embrace a new approach: zero budget marketing. Why? Simply put, zero budget marketing allows you to make the most of your owned channels alongside paid, minimizing marketing costs and driving growth and retention goals

Tapping into the untapped potential of owned media

A great digital marketing mix blends paid, owned, and earned media into a one comprehensive strategy. While It’s tempting to use paid media from the start, many marketers have tight budgets and can benefit from taking a zero budget approach by optimizing their owned media first. 

Mobile web-to-app journeys, emails, and social media are all channels that can significantly boost conversions when used together. The result is getting users to their desired destination in your app faster, and without any friction, helping you achieve your user acquisition goals at little to no cost. 

An important tool in achieving all of this is deep linking.

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Drive engagement and growth with email

App marketers shouldn’t underestimate the power of email marketing.

The majority of emails are opened on mobile devices, making this an attractive channel for directing customers to your app store. As for content, use your email marketing to share product updates, offer discounts, announce upcoming events and, of course, encourage engaged users to install your app for improved user experience and conversion.

Convert web users into loyal app users

Nearly 90% of users discover brands on the web, while 70% of digital revenues occur in apps.

So it makes sense to focus on attracting users to your website, and then creatively and seamlessly route that traffic to your app. One proven way of moving users from web to app is by prominently displaying banners on your home page and on key product and category pages.

Lift acquisition and visibility

Social channels are equal to websites in providing brand visibility and awareness.

They also continue to rank as a top channel for user acquisition and engagement. So whether you’re intent on growing your app user base, or engaging with existing customers, It’s important to make sure that your social channels shine.

Engage users with incentives

A mainstay of digital marketing, SMS still holds its own, with extremely high open and read rates.

Text messaging remains an excellent channel for engaging customers with discounts, limited-time offers, and other incentives. It’s also an effective channel that loyal customers can use to share your app with friends.

Tap into the power of word-of-mouth

What do you get when you combine word-of-mouth with digital messaging? 

A genuine powerhouse for generating app and product referrals. Brands that use referrals as an acquisition tactic build on trust factor that already exists between friends, and the fact that word-of-mouth is the most influential factor driving purchasing decisions.

Propel your app growth


Install-to-click rate

through frictionless web-to-app journeys


In-App Purchases

Users that click on deep links buy more frequently


User Retention

Contextual delivery keeps users coming back for more


Starting small and scaling up, together.

Since day one, we’ve worked hand in hand with early-stage apps that aspired to deliver a mobile experience that exceeds their users’ needs. Think ThredUp, Turo, TuneIn. These companies started small, with limited to no marketing resources, doubling down on OneLink, our signature deep linking, zero budget centric solution, and scaling up. Together.

Using OneLink-powered features – all cost-free – fledgling apps have worked with us to take flight, regardless of their budget.

It’s your turn now. Follow their path. It’s free…

Zero Budget Marketing Features Powered by Deep linking by AppsFlyer

Streamline Social Media-to-App Journeys

It’s a known issue: deep links in social media often break, leading to friction, customer frustration, and abandonment.

With AppsFlyer’s Landing Pages, you’re just clicks away from designing engaging content that ensures smooth social media-to-app paths for your users.

Zero Budget Marketing Features Powered by OneLink Deep Linking Logo Small

Turn Web Visitors into Loyal App Users with Smart Banners

Create a powerful trigger point along the customer journey by converting web users into loyal, highly- engaged app users.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Enter your Dashboard, select a template, customize your design, add your deep link logic and set it live!

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