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Creating a better society through long-lasting impact

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Mission Statement

“Making a lasting significant impact on the market and on our society as a whole with our people’s attention and skills and through 1% investment of our company’s resources to generate a positive change in the world”.

Oren Kaniel, Co-Founder & CEO of AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer Cares COVID-19 Response

As a global company, operating on 5 continents, our reach has enabled us to recognize and understand the COVID-19 expansion process in real time from the beginning of the eruption. It has provided us a unique and dynamic perspective on the present and future greatest needs and maximizing our global assistance program on our regions and communities.

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Impact through action

We strive to impact social and environmental challenges by supporting and encouraging our people’s commitment and interaction with a diverse range of causes through skills-based volunteering and community activities. We are proud that our people generously give their time, experience, and knowledge to a broad range of causes. We encourage volunteerism and support our peoples’ passionate pursuit of good actions during work hours and through an annual global volunteering plan.

Strengthening our communities

As a global company, our main mission is to improve the lives of people in our communities around the world. We believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration. By uniting forces and working with local partners, we are able to develop sustainable investments to benefit our communities and create innovative initiatives with lasting impact. Our social and environmental investment strategy uses our resources to strengthen and positively impact all of our local communities.

Environmental sustainability

We care about the world in which we live. We put this into practice by encouraging and raising awareness about environmentally friendly practices while continuing to ensure all of our global offices are green. We actively invest in ecological projects and continually monitor our carbon footprint by planting trees, practicing sustainably, and minimizing our environmental impact.

Equal education and gender equality

We are committed to creating opportunities that improve the lives of children and at-risk-youth, by investing in transformative programs and educational initiatives. We work to create opportunities for women and girls to explore the world of science, technology, and STEM-based careers. We support gender equality initiatives that inspire women to create the futures they imagine.

Social innovation

We believe in helping those who are working to make the world better. We are always looking for new ways to leverage our products and expertise to support companies and organizations with socially and environmentally conscious goals by creating innovative solutions that help them grow.

Diversity and inclusion

As a global company operating in 16 countries across 5 continents, we reflect the human mosaic of the diverse and multicultural world in which we live. We ensure equal opportunities for all of our employees and promote the recruitment of diverse talents to our global teams without consideration of race, gender, culture, or sexual orientation. We value and encourage curiosity, diversity, and innovation from all our employees, customers, and partners.

Israel - supporting Holocaust survivors

We are committed to expressing care, respect, and solidarity with holocaust survivors through providing support for their needs and offering companionship while they are still with us, and preserving their memories for future generations.

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