An open letter from Oren Kaniel

By Oren Kaniel
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Dear AppsFlyer team, customers, partners and friends,

On October 7th, Israel suffered a barbaric terrorist attack. More than 1,300 innocent civilians were brutally murdered in their homes, some in their beds. Entire families were torn apart. Among the victims were infants, young children, women and Holocaust survivors. These acts of brutality, which also involved the vicious kidnapping of almost 200 innocent people including infants, children, and elderly men and women, were disturbingly reminiscent of the darkest chapters in history. These acts strike uncanny similarities to the horrors perpetrated by groups like ISIS in the previous decade.

The scale of this horrendous attack is beyond imagination. It is one of the deadliest terror attacks and stands as the most devastating assault on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Every person in Israel, either directly or through loved ones, has been affected. Since the attacks began, many have been called to reserve duty, countless have volunteered to serve, and numerous families have lost their homes. Due to the continuous missile attacks on Israel, entire families have had to evacuate their homes. And still, to date, families anxiously await news of their kidnapped relatives.

This event is undeniably historic, with each passing day writing another chapter in history. Israel was established as a safe haven for Jews in the aftermath of the Holocaust. My own grandmother was among those who escaped the Nazis at the age of 14, while her entire family was murdered. Israel’s most basic mission, as the world’s only Jewish state, is to guarantee the safety of the Jewish people, but this attack has taken many back to one of the darkest times of humanity.

It is impossible to articulate the profound significance of this tragedy on Israel and the Jewish heritage, though it is important to note that this tragedy has also affected the lives of innocent individuals from many nationalities and faiths. It is nothing short of a nightmare, a grim reminder of the vulnerability we all share as humans in an increasingly volatile and violent world.

Immediately after the terror attack, AppsFlyer Cares, AppsFlyer’s corporate social responsibility division, initiated crucial humanitarian initiatives and projects, including support for impacted families. 

Doing well by doing good has been an integral part of the AppsFlyer business. In the past few years AppsFlyer Cares initiated, led and supported significant projects such as: Max Fund – children’s internet safety, Auschwitz-Birkenau educational project, Black lives matters, war in Ukraine, COVID19 and MEET-MIT – Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow – inspiring Israeli and Palestinian youth to find common ground. Beyond the immediate emergency response, we remain committed to doing everything we can for the long-term well-being of the people in the region. 

The AppsFlyer team

Over the last few days, many of you asked me how the AppsFlyer team is doing. We have 1,500 employees across 20 offices worldwide, with a significant team in Israel. I’ve encouraged our team in Israel to take some time to prioritize their well-being, looking after their physical and mental health, spending time with loved ones, and engaging in volunteer work. 

Since the attack began, many of our team members have been deeply involved in volunteering and supporting those in need. They’re reaching out to families who’ve lost their loved ones, their homes, or are away from their families on reserve duty. It’s uplifting to see the positive impact that a helping hand can have, especially during these times. 

AppsFlyer employees have been generously contributing to various organizations and initiatives, and to further support these efforts, AppsFlyer Cares has been matching their donations. I’ve received inquiries from many who are interested in making contributions and have asked for my recommendations. Here is a list of organizations to which you can make direct donations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to Liron Or, Head of AppsFlyer Cares, for institutional donations as well. We are more than willing to assist.

Our team’s resilience is something that I’m truly proud of. In Israel, we’ve faced many challenges from which we emerged stronger than ever before. Our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship has thrived through our shared adversities. While this horrific situation will become a part of our history, I am confident the people of Israel, as well as our team, will emerge stronger than ever.

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of the AppsFlyer people worldwide, for stepping up, supporting our colleagues, customers, and partners during this time. It is beyond inspiring.

Customers and partners

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you – our valued customers, partners, and friends – who have reached out with messages of concern, empathy and support. 

Many of you have asked whether reaching out to those affected, especially in Israel, is the right thing to do. My answer is a resounding “yes.” A simple message, a question about how someone is holding up, is incredibly powerful. It’s creating a sense of community, even when we can’t be physically close.

Your support goes a long way, and it means the world to us. These small acts of kindness remind us of the power of empathy and connection in this global community.

Please know that our commitment to providing our customers and partners with outstanding support and service remains unwavering. Even while we’re navigating these challenges, our global teams are working diligently to ensure you continue to receive the highest level of service you’ve come to expect. We operate and deliver our services on a global cloud architecture and have customer and partner facing teams placed all around the world to ensure your service and the value we provide is resilient.

These are undoubtedly challenging days, but they also present opportunities for us to come together, support one another, and emerge from adversity even stronger. I have no doubt that we will overcome these challenges, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and trust.

We will overcome these challenges. We will emerge and get stronger than ever before. We always do. As a country, as a company, as an ecosystem, as humanity. This is our mission. 

Thank you,

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Oren Kaniel

Oren Kaniel is co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer. He loves everything mobile and is a creative thinker, listener, talker, and is trying to be a blogger. Oren holds a BA in Computer Science, Cum Laude, from the Technion, and an MBA from IDC, as part of an exchange with the Wharton Business School.

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