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By Oren Kaniel
we have you covered

During COVID-19, we have been thinking about how to best support our customers, partners, the entire ecosystem. In the last couple of weeks, we launched the ‘New Normal’ productivity & efficiency package, introduced our Incrementality product beta, a first to market partnership with Facebook introducing in-app-ads ROAS measurement, and today, I am extremely excited to announce Zero

So, what is Zero? 

In one of our MAMA events last year, a CMO I spoke with introduced me to the ‘Zero Budget Marketing’ framework: Imagine that your company’s marketing budget was zero, what would you do? Obviously, COVID-19 turned this concept into reality, for many companies.

Some of my best, most creative, and impactful ideas came to life while I was in a ‘Zero Budget Marketing’ mindset. Without any budget, you MUST only use your imagination and creativity to win. While in some aspects money is a commodity, innovation, and creativity are about leveraging your brand and company’s unique assets. 

Working with tens of thousands of marketers worldwide, we witnessed as they made incredible achievements by leveraging our engagement products and APIs in creative and innovative ways. It pushed us to focus on our own innovation and support brands in addressing the basic, most important aspects in marketing: creating organic demand and turning a visitor into an engaged user. 

Today, I am excited to announce Zero. Our zero budget marketing solution is geared towards developers, product managers and marketers. It offers free, state of the art software tools and APIs, to empower brands’ growth and leverage their earned and owned media strategies. Zero includes the powerful tools of AppsFlyer’s complete engagement suite, all for free: Our OneLink deep linking technology, smooth web-to-app & social media-to-app user journeys, Smart Banners, referrals & user invites, SMS & QR codes, cross-promotions and more.

COVID-19 forced all of us to rethink our marketing strategies and go back to basics. Companies need to focus on having a great product & onboarding experience, and leveraging their most important assets: their owned media, website, social media and loyal user base. 

This is the time for brands to get creative and grow their business at zero cost. We’re proud to provide product managers and app developers with our technology for free, including open APIs they can use to delight and engage with their existing and new customers.

Give it a try (you can get started in minutes, no payment information needed), and let us know what you think!

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Oren Kaniel

Oren Kaniel is co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer. He loves everything mobile and is a creative thinker, listener, talker, and is trying to be a blogger. Oren holds a BA in Computer Science, Cum Laude, from the Technion, and an MBA from IDC, as part of an exchange with the Wharton Business School.

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