G2’s spring 2020 report solidifies AppsFlyer position as the mobile attribution leader

By Ziv Peled
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Our dedication to the success of our customers and partners remains steadfast as ever.

At AppsFlyer, we are guided by an all-in mindset, meaning we will always go the extra mile to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. As Chief Customer Officer, I’m honored to announce that our customers around the globe have named AppsFlyer the clear leader in the mobile attribution in their Spring 2020 Report.

AppsFlyer was founded with a customer-centric approach. We truly are customer obsessed.

While our products led our growth, it was the trust of our customers and partners that allowed us to be the leader we are today – the trust to be responsible stewards of their data and the trust that we will always act with their best interests in mind.

AppsFlyer is the clear industry leader in mobile attribution

As the only enterprise-grade attribution provider with attribution at its core, AppsFlyer’s growth and expansive market presence proved to G2 that the Mobile Attribution category was not only warranted, it was mission-critical to create in order to accurately reflect the current state of mobile marketing.

Our customers spoke and G2 heard them loud and clear. In G2’s own words:

“The mobile attribution software category on G2 was created in October 2019 to reflect the market for software that measures and attributes every app install and in-app engagement to the marketing campaign or source that drove it. Unlike attribution software, which has been a software category on G2 since 2015, mobile attribution software enables businesses to measure where users first learn about an app and also connects them with multiple identifiers to measure the pre and post-install app journey.” – Emily Malis, Market Research Manager, G2

When I think of what makes a best-in-class enterprise attribution solution, one word comes to mind – scale.

AppsFlyer measures over 28 billion in ad spend per year, features over 6,000 technology partner integrations, and runs 89,000 active mobile apps.

This scale is one of the most important factors in our ability to deliver the most accurate and reliable attribution data in the industry. It also powers advanced use cases, including a market-leading fraud detection and prevention solution.

When we say AppsFlyer has a global footprint, we mean it.

For the past 9 years we have worked to create an extensive network of international partnerships, and developed use case solutions that fit the needs of regional markets at a global scale. We can’t fully understand and meet our customers’ needs if we don’t speak our customers’ language, both literally and figuratively.

We are always looking to understand what jobs need to be done in our customers’ organizations so we can meet those needs. O

ur focus on listening and acting on feedback has not only allowed us to identify where we can improve our platform, is has provided us with an indication of what our customers most value about our offering.

Thank you for your positive reviews and ratings. We hope to have you as a customer for life.

Your feedback is the North Star that guides our innovation and our success. Without it, we wouldn’t know what we are doing right, and more importantly, we wouldn’t know we can be doing better to serve you. We welcome you to continue to provide your invaluable feedback on G2


Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer

A selection of quotes from G2:

Irene Vaquero Sánchez de Ibargüen, User Acquisition Manager at Genera Games:

“AppsFlyer’s unique scale and machine learning deliver the most comprehensive anti-fraud solutions in the world. For their technology and data, for their service, for their attention to detail, AppsFlyer is simply irreplaceable.”

Sadie Daryan, Global head of Display and App Marketing at eBay:

“AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. No marketing tech stack is complete without it.”

Zhang fu Tao, Marketing Director at DH Games:

“AppsFlyer is the cornerstone of our marketing, allowing us to measure our traffic across every channel and geo in the world, helping us understand our performance and efficiently drive our business growth.”

Arthur Santos, Marketing Director at iFood:

“AppsFlyer is an essential partner, delivering a deep understanding of our mobile business performance and driving our app campaign optimization. Their focus on customer success and technology innovation have raised the bar, helping us reach a new level of sophistication.”

Ziv Peled

Ziv joined AppsFlyer back in 2013 and was one of the first customer success managers in the company. Today with over 50 customer success managers and 20 support engineers across 11 offices, he is leading Client Services in AppsFlyer worldwide.
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