Introducing “GeeP”: The AppsFlyer Global Employee Exchange Program

By Lisa Zaythik
appsflyer global employee exchange program

If you look around the AppsFlyer headquarters, it’s always buzzing with activity.

Our company truly feels like a global village — with fresh ideas being shared, myriad languages being spoken and an amazingly talented team of employees working to succeed together. This is a part of our daily lives.

Our new employee training program, the AppsFlyer Academy, now also seems to be a part of our daily lives. What used to be an annual or semi-annual event now feels like it happens almost monthly.

We are constantly hosting new AppsFlyers from around the world to not only teach them about the product, but also instill our company culture and DNA. We’ve always had an “all-hands on deck” approach to helping everyone get up to speed. Every new person that arrives from near and far is a reminder of our continued growth and an indicator of achieving our goals.

As Oren, AppsFlyer’s CEO, wrote in his New Year’s post, we tripled the company’s size in 2015.

That doesn’t come without growing pains — but also with amazing new opportunities. We are in the midst of transitioning from a startup to a more established global company. And because we work in so many regions, it’s not enough for new employees to get acculturated at our headquarters.

It’s also important for different team members to get exposure to all of our global markets. That’s why, it’s with great pleasure, we are launching “GeeP,” the AppsFlyer Global Employee Exchange Program.

So, what exactly is GeeP?

Think of GeeP as study abroad 2.0. AppsFlyer employees that have been working for over a year can apply to work at any other company office — from Beijing to Bangalore, New York to Tel Aviv — whenever there is an opportunity and a need to advance their personal and business objectives.

We strongly believe that our continued success depends on our rocketship’s crew gaining first-hand experience with diverse business environments and cultures across our global network — to share their expertise, develop new skills, establish valuable connections and relationships and progress both personally and professionally.

For example, it’s a chance for someone in Israel to internalize the plight of Chinese advertisers who operate in a totally different playing field. Understanding this reality exists truly hits home only once it’s a part of your daily life.

We believe in creating every opportunity to help our employees reach their full potential.

What better way to grow in your career and as an individual than to travel the world and experience new cities and new cultures?

Our hope is that employees will take advantage of the program to expand their horizons, and that working at AppsFlyer is not just a job, but an indelible experience.

All aboard!

Lisa Zaythik

Lisa is currently AppsFlyer's VP of Operations. She is a digital advertising expert with vast experience working with advertisers, publishers, networks, and agencies. Lisa holds a B.A. in Marketing Technology from Sapir College.

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