AppsFlyer simplifies mobile app marketing campaign execution

SAN FRANCISCO – December 3, 2014 

AppsFlyer, a leading mobile advertising measurement platform, today announced an industry-first deep linking and measurement capability called OneLink that dramatically simplifies the way app marketers connect clients to their content by eliminating the need to create scores of web URLs, app store download links and deep links for each campaign. A single smart link delivers users to the correct destination page regardless of their device type or other variables; maintains deep linking even when users click through to an app store to download the app; and documents each user’s click path, generating the market’s most detailed mobile attribution analytics for optimizing marketing spend.

OneLink eliminates laborious link work as well as broken links that both damage the user experience and result in lost revenue opportunities when deep links are lost after an app download. It also enhances AppsFlyer’s ability to help optimize marketers’ mobile customer acquisition funnel across more than 600 traffic sources through a single real-time dashboard that provides insights on installation, post-install attribution, engagement, retention, ROI and lifetime value.

“Today app marketers need to embed a lot of ‘dumb’ deep links into campaigns because they don’t know if a user is going to open a given link on iOS, Android or the mobile web, whether or not the user has installed the app previously, and so on. It wastes time and adds unnecessary complexity,” said AppsFlyer CEO & co-founder Oren Kaniel. “OneLink simplifies the process while also capturing attribution information that is critical to understanding which marketing campaigns work for a given app and which don’t.”

OneLink uniquely:

  • Utilizes a single smart link instead of requiring separate links for iOS, Android, the mobile web, App Store, Google Play and different usage scenarios.
  • Auto-detects the user’s platform and installed apps if the user clicks the call to action link.
  • Auto-opens the relevant landing page inside the app if it is already installed; if not, automatically takes users to the Google Play or Apple App Store, then seamlessly sends them to the correct landing page after installation via deferred deep linking.
  • Measures all link attribution data, including referrer links showing the user’s entry point in cases where an app was not previously installed.
  • Integrates with other deep linking services, enabling marketers to retain their existing solutions while adding AppsFlyer’s single-link simplicity and link attribution capabilities.

OneLink can be used with any in-app, search, email marketing, social network or other app promotion.

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