Finding the mobile attribution north star with AppsFlyer

Big Fish AppsFlyer Customer


Big Fish Games is a gaming company based out of Seattle.

Offering immersive and beautiful gameplay experiences built on their proprietary publishing platform, Big Fish Games has been innovating and expanding its portfolio since 2002.

Today Big Fish Games’s titles including Cooking Craze, Gummy Drop!, Fairway Solitaire, Big Fish Casinosee, see millions of daily players from around the world.


As a veteran in mobile gaming, Big Fish Games knew early on that attribution was mission critical to their growth efforts for their global portfolio of games.

When it became clear that the inefficiencies of using two separate attribution providers was limiting their growth and complicating data efforts, they made the choice to consolidate. Big Fish Games needed a robust, comprehensive, and reliable measurement platform that could fuel their growth efforts with best in class attribution.


AppsFlyer’s unique suite of scalable tools answered this call for centralization at Big Fish Games, becoming the UA team’s single source of truth for attribution and marketing analytics.

Using AppsFlyer’s Push API, the team fueled all raw attribution data into their custom BI tool in real time.

This data continuously powered in-depth analyses for advanced campaign optimization. The ability to quickly integrate AppsFlyer‘s SDK across Big Fish Games’ global apps saved significant development time, allowing UA managers to focus on the mission of scaling and engaging their global user base.

In the eyes of BigFish, AppsFlyer’s key benefits were:

  • Powerful and easy to integrate attribution SDKs
  • Proven ability to measure and process events at massive scale in real-time
  • Industry-leading usability and customizable reporting capabilities that fit the needs of advanced mobile growth marketers
  • Advanced fraud protection to ensure data is clean and correctly attributed
  • 24/7, global support coverage with customer success teams across 15 offices worldwide, and a track record of first-class support with international, enterprise-grade clients


AppsFlyer’s scale allowed Big Fish Games to streamline attribution data to make more informed and effective marketing decisions.

Anthony Cross, VP User Acquisition, Data Science, & Product Management agreed, noting:

Upgrading to AppsFlyer was a game changer for us. Comprehensive data provided by AppsFlyer is the north star for our growth team, enabling us to make better marketing decisions across our portfolio of games.

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