Tripling web-to-app installs, and increasing first orders from mobile web-to-app users

Big Basket AppsFlyer Customer


increase in mobile web to app installs


spike in first orders from mobile web to app


Founded in December 2011 and headquartered in Bengaluru, bigbasket began operations as an Indian online grocery delivery service. 

The startup gained a valuation of over $1-billion in March 2019, when investments from Mirae, Alibaba Group, and CDC Group raised $150-million. It then acquired micro-delivery firm DailyNinja in March of 2020. In February 2021, Tata Group acquired a 64.3% stake in bigbasket for approximately $1.3-billion (INR 9,500 crore).

Today, bigbasket receives over 400,000 orders per day in 30+ cities in India across its various services. The grocery platform currently offers a range of over 40,000 products.


The bigbasket mobile website draws a large number of footfalls from new customers and first-time users, but encouraging these users to try their services has always been a primary challenge. 

Given that the probability of a user placing a trial order is higher on mobile applications, bigbasket wanted to funnel a more significant portion of these footfalls to the app. 

The key here was to provide a highly relevant and practically seamless journey, where the customer shifts effortlessly from the m-site to the Android or iOS app while keeping costs low.


As a regular AppsFlyer client, bigbasket decided to implement the platform’s Smart Banners solution, designed specifically to encourage users to download the mobile app. 

The customer journey would be relatively straightforward: Specifically, the user would first see a banner on the bigbasket’s mobile website, which would direct them to download the app via a promotion or call-to-action in a seamless web-to-app link. 

With Smart Banners, bigbasket planned and executed several web-to-app campaigns to encourage users to download the app. To ensure comparable KPIs on return on experience (ROX), the team used AppsFlyer’s OneLink deep-linking technology. 

With OneLink, bigbasket could look at all the installs, clicks, and view-throughs associated with their Smart banners on the AppsFlyer dashboard. This allowed them to compare Smart Banners’ performance with that of other channels.

Finally, Smart Banners allowed for a deeper level of campaign personalization. By using OneLink’s deferred deep linking, bigbasket could create personalized promotions for each user to complete a transaction in the app. 

Personalized Smart Banners would also direct users to either the app store – in order to install the app – or to open the app if it’s already installed, whenever they wanted.


The Smart Banners campaign produced a sizable impact on revenue, significantly increasing the traffic from the mobile website to the app while raising the number of first orders from these newly migrated users. 

Specifically, web-to-app installs increased by 3x, while first orders from mobile web-to-app also spiked by 2x.

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