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Future success story


Founded in 2017 in San Francisco, Future is a mobile app that provides one-on-one fitness coaching and custom workouts designed specifically for each user.


Future’s previous mobile measurement partner was not providing the attribution data the Future team needed to effectively optimize their paid media campaigns from partners such as Google and Facebook. 


AppsFlyer’s measurement suite offered the data accuracy and granularity for Future to successfully optimize all of their campaigns from one AppsFlyer dashboard. 


AppsFlyer’s measurement data enabled Future to make smarter campaign decisions and scale their mobile marketing budget efficiently. 

Looking ahead

Future wants to test whether their affiliate marketing links should route users to their website or their app. AppsFlyer’s deep linking and customer experiences suite has enabled the team to quickly set up a test without using any development resources.  

Working with my AppsFlyer customer success manager has been nothing short of awesome. They take time to explain the details and ensure our questions do not go unanswered.

Vishal Korlipara, Head of Growth and User Acquisition
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