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More attributed ROI from paid media


Increase in total measurable revenue


Founded in 2015 by experienced mobile app gaming veterans, Futureplay is a team of free-spirited, accomplished pros.

Their playful approach and focus on speed paired with data-driven optimization fuel their rapid progress, with two hit releases in their first year.


With over 2 million active users across two hit titles and over 200 million ads served, Futureplay  sought to improve the user acquisition profitability.

Traditional marketing KPIs such as user retention and in-app purchase revenue could not accurately measure their progress, as their mobile revenues were often driven by in-app advertising.

Futureplay needed in-app advertising revenue attribution.


Futureplay joined the beta program for AppsFlyer’s ad revenue attribution.

With just a few clicks, they were able to start measuring ad revenue across all of their partner networks, automatically attributing this revenue back to specific marketing campaigns.

By further matching the media cost data, attribution insights, and revenue data, AppsFlyer reported the total ROI of each campaign.

As their ad revenue data poured in, Futureplay began optimizing their user acquisition campaigns based on their actual ROI. In the first couple of weeks, the team made a number of bold changes to their budget allocations and campaign targeting, increasing bids where they didn’t previously think it reasonable and pulling budget from underperforming media sources.

The impact was immediate, measureable, and exceeded expectations.


These deep insights had a profound impact of Futureplay’s marketing activation and performance.

Overall attributed revenues rose over 160%. By focussing their media allocations on their top performers campaigns, Futureplay recognized nearly 70% growth in total paid media revenue while lowering their total paid media spend by 40% – a 3x improvement in their marketing ROI.

“AppsFlyer’s ad revenue attribution was the final piece needed in our revenue puzzle, informing and substantially improving our user acquisition efforts.” – Camilo Fitzgerald, Games Analyst

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