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Fynd is a unique fashion shopping app that has seen incredible growth in India thanks an amazing same-day delivery feature – Fynd Now!

Unlike other platforms, Fynd doesn’t maintain their own inventory; when a customer places an order, Fynd picks up the item from the nearest store and delivers it in a matter of hours. This Zero Inventory, Zero Warehouse model allowed them to scale remarkably quickly.


In November 2015, Fynd launched on iOS and Android. They saw fantastic adoption from day one.

Following this initial success, Fynd sought to build a scalable user acquisition practice that could go toe-to-toe with bigger, more established eCommerce providers during a challenging, heavily discounted shopping season.

eCommerce in India and around the world is typically driven by deep discounts or loss-leaders. Customers have come to expect these savings. As a new entrant, competing with the incumbents on discounts would be very difficult.

Fortunately, brands typically offer heavy end of season discounts in January. By passing these substantial savings on to their customers, Fynd was able to offer competitive discounts with minimal capital outlay.

Typical eCommerce campaigns run for 2–3 days. However, brand-led End of Season sales last for 30-45 days. They needed to create a month-long campaign that would attract new users, scale their brand footprint and wouldn’t lose steam after a few days.


Fynd split their main campaign, Festival of Fashion, into sub-campaigns that ran for 2-5 days.

Over this period, they ran a coordinated cross-channel marketing effort that included hundreds of ads, push messaging, SMS, email marketing, retargeting, discounts, print ads, out of home ads, social media, affiliate marketing, PR, and radio media.

In order to grow their brand recognition in a crowded market, they unified their messaging across all channels and platforms. This campaign was a significant investment. It needed to deliver more than just brand value. This campaign needed to attract massive numbers of new installs and generate substantial purchase activity in order to show a positive ROI.


In less than a month, their omni-channel marketing campaigns delivered 10x growth in user acquisition, a particularly remarkable feat given their highly competitive market.

AppsFlyer’s mobile attribution and marketing analytics helped Fynd understand and optimize every element of their user acquisition funnel, across all channels, both online and offline.

For example, they learned that peak-season performance media is often too expensive to deliver a positive ROI. However, acquiring strongly loyal users shortly before holidays or festivals, and activating them through SMS, email and push messaging delivers strong, cost-effective returns.

AppsFlyer’s real-time insights didn’t just impact their mobile user acquisition, it informed every element of their marketing growth. AppsFlyer’s real-time data helped Fynd determine which messages were resonating so they could improve their omnichannel (mobile, digital and offline) messaging strategy.

“AppsFlyer’s real-time attribution and analytics, combined with their deep partner integrations and retargeting capabilities have improved every element of our marketing and communications.”

Additionally, by understanding which mobile users had the highest rate of purchase activity and retention they were able to refine their overall audience targeting, budget allocations, and even retargeting.

For a growing brand with a strong mobile footprint, AppsFlyer’s insights proved invaluable.

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