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Halodoc is an Indonesian digital app which aims at facilitating healthcare access connecting patients, licensed medical practitioners, lab services and pharmacies together on a single platform.

Halodoc integrates two important businesses within the healthcare sector:

  1. The supply chain and logistics of delivering medicinal drugs from pharmacies to patients
  2. The teleconsultation services provided by medical professionals.

The platform connects patients to over 22,000 general practitioners and medical specialists delivering them medicines from over 1,200 pharmacies in Indonesia.

M&C Saatchi Performance, global digital agency and AppsFlyer, the leader in mobile attribution and mobile ad fraud protection, as well as M&C Saatchi’s Global Alliance Solutions partner, worked closely with Halodoc’s marketing team to support its business expansion in the Indonesian market. The extensive experience of the team at M&C Saatchi Performance and AppsFlyer’s mobile measurement platform turned out to be key to solving the two below main business challenges.


Market penetration to drive more first-time users

In Indonesia, accessing medical services can be a real challenge as many remote locations are lacking appropriate healthcare infrastructure, and major cities are often too congested and with limited healthcare facilities.

Also, healthcare is a very traditional industry and, thus, changing consumer behavior to adapt to modern methods of online healthcare was a tedious task. Halodoc’s main objective was to expand in the Indonesian market providing an online solution for those with limited or no access to healthcare.

To increase market penetration, Halodoc had to increase the number of its first-time users. 

The main business objective of Halodoc has always been to grow its product usage, including everything from new and returning users consulting with doctors, purchasing medicines for delivery and sharing information and providing consultation on lab tests.

Growing product usage can be done by:

  1. Increasing the number of transactions on the platform relying on existing users 
  2. Increasing the number of first-time users on the platform

Before working with M&C Saatchi Performance, Halodoc’s main KPI was to grow the user base by offering free first-time doctor chat to users and focusing on monetising from their existing users.

To do that, Halodoc was measuring the effectiveness of its marketing strategy looking at cost per transactions (CPT) using AppsFlyer. While the increase of transactions also resulted in growth of first-time users, the majority of this growth was from existing users which was not helping them increase market share.

Advertising budget efficiency

Increasing customer acquisition isn’t enough, as businesses often lose their budgets to fraudulent sources.

This causes marketing budget inefficiencies as well as lost opportunities.

To improve the efficiency of Halodoc’s advertising spend, it was important to:

  1. Identify mobile ad fraud attempts and prevent  it from draining marketing budgets
  2. Clean out fraud from polluted marketing performance data to optimize future data usage
  3. Turn losing campaigns into successful ones


Increasing market penetration

Given Halodoc’s goal of expanding in the Indonesian market and gaining market share against rising competition, the team at M&C Saatchi Performance recommended focusing on the acquisition of new first-time users looking at customer acquisition cost (CAC) rather than cost per transactions (CPT).

M&C Saatchi Performance also recommended Halodoc to use AppsFlyer’s Cohort Report as it helps in determining how specific segments of users behave over time.

The Cohort Report also allows to segment cohorts using their preferred filter (e.g. geography, campaign, user engagement), but also to measure user behavior against KPIs (doctor appointment and medicines purchased) up to 180 days for specific events and the ROI gained from them.

This was possible thanks to the unified view that gives advertisers the ability to view both ad spend and revenue in one place.

Reducing ad fraud

To decrease fraud levels and improve the efficiency of Halodoc’s advertising spend, M&C Saatchi Performance recommended using AppsFlyer’s Protect360 anti-fraud solution, which helps identify fraudulent attempts before, during, and after the install is attributed. 

Regarded by many as the industry’s leading fraud protection suite, Protect360 offers real time install fraud identification as well as a unique post attribution fraud identification mechanism.

This helps identify existing and new fraud patterns as they materialize – not letting any fraud attempt to go unnoticed. With protection from malicious bot attacks, click flooding and general attribution hijacking schemes, Protect360 offered the protection Halodoc clearly needed.

Thanks to their strong partnership with AppsFlyer, M&C Saatchi Performance became one of the first agencies worldwide able to access Protect360’s capabilities and has been supporting AppsFlyer in making it the go-to fraud protection solution.

Protect360 turned out to be an extremely useful tool in optimizing Halodoc’s marketing performance, as it helped to identify numerous fraudulent media partners. M&C Saatchi Performance utilized Protect360’s data to clean out Halodoc’s media portfolio, constructing a strong foundation of transparent programmatic partners. 

Protect360’s Identified fraud breakdown’ feature proved particularly useful,  as it allowed to keep a constant eye on fraud percentages from each of Halodoc’s media partners –  highlighting specific fraud types per each partner and its site IDs – opening a channel for deeper optimization within each partner’s media offering. 

Identifying cases of attribution hijacking and fake users pear each partner and site ID acted as an entry test for new partners coming in.

Felicia Kawilarang, VP Marketing Communications at Halodoc, spoke about the importance of this partnership:

“Over the past few months, we’ve been working with the team at M&C Saatchi Performance to increase our customer acquisition in Indonesia and raise awareness on the importance of relying on real doctors to seek for medical advice. Thanks to their extensive knowledge in mobile-first markets and their rounded expertise using digital marketing platforms like AppsFlyer, we were able to improve budget efficiencies and notably increase the number of our first-time users. We’re looking forward to continue working together in the objective to make good healthcare accessible to everyone across Indonesia.”


An increase in first-time users and consultations

While the growth of the user base remained consistent across Q3 to Q4 2019, the percentage contribution of first complete orders driven by digital marketing campaigns against the overall user base grew from 40% to 57%; an increase of 71% of first-time consultations.

In Q4, based on the same user base, Halodoc not only saw growth in first-time users, but also a 19% increase in the number of consultations led by digital marketing campaigns, when compared with Q3.

A decrease in fraud

Thanks to Protect360, M&C Saatchi Performance was able to identify fraudulent channels and to reduce QoQ fraud levels from 56% to 1.3% across digital marketing budgets.

Thanks to Protect360, over 25% of Halodoc’s activity infected by fraud was identified and cleaned. Real time and post attribution fraud detection helped Halodoc optimize their ad spend budget across digital marketing campaigns, saving 30% of their digital marketing budget from being spent on fraudulent sources.

Better UA performance

Finally, from Q3 to Q4 2019, digital marketing campaigns led to a 37% increase in the average transaction per user, highlighting the quality of the users being acquired. 

By leveraging on AppsFlyer Cohort Report and Protect360, Halodoc is able to optimise their campaign performance in detail. This tool will benefit your business as well.

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