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  • RummyTime, an Indian skill-based online gaming company, aimed to improve campaign performance and deliver personalized onboarding experiences for its growing user base.
  • With mobile apps on multiple platforms, RummyTime lacked a unified view of campaign performance and the ability to identify the best target segments and seamlessly direct users to the app. This resulted in low engagement and hindered revenue growth.
  • By leveraging AppsFlyer’s marketing measurement, audience segmentation and deep linking capabilities, RummyTime achieved significant improvements in campaign optimization, re-engagement conversions, and user engagement, resulting in improved install volume and revenue growth.


RummyTime is an Indian skill-based online gaming company that specializes in real-money gaming. Established in 2020, the company has quickly become one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in India.

RummyTime’s flagship product is its gaming app, which includes the traditional Indian card game, Rummy. The app is designed to offer players a seamless and engaging gaming experience and has become one of the go-to platforms for rummy gamers across India.

The company is constantly innovating, and has developed an ISO-certified gaming platform to give users a secure and reliable experience.


As RummyTime grew rapidly and gained a larger user base, the company faced the challenge of identifying its most effective player acquisition methods. While RummyTime had implemented various marketing channels, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing, the team wasn’t clear which channels were yielding the best results when it came to new player acquisitions. 

They needed to find a way to measure campaign performance by channel in order to scale their marketing efforts. This challenge was compounded by the fact that they had mobile applications on multiple platforms and app stores, making it difficult to consolidate all of their mobile acquisition data and have a single view of their marketing efforts.

RummyTime also had to mitigate mobile ad fraud in the form of fake installs, click flooding, and device farms, which can result in wasted ad spend, inaccurate campaign attribution, and reduced ROI. This created another hurdle for RummyTime in accurately measuring the performance of its campaigns across various media sources and protecting its marketing budget from the impact of fraudulent activities.

In addition, RummyTime was looking to improve its user acquisition and onboarding process, increase player engagement, and encourage recurring usage. However, achieving these goals required a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and the ability to generate real-time user segments that could be reached through personalized campaigns. 

This proved challenging, as the team had to ingest and process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, to test and identify the most promising segments. Moreover, RummyTime users often had difficulties finding and accessing the right app version for their specific device and operating system. This led to frustration and a sub-par user experience, resulting in decreased engagement and lower conversion rates.


To address the challenge of consolidating mobile acquisition data and enhancing its user engagement strategies, RummyTime turned to AppsFlyer’s comprehensive mobile marketing measurement and analytics platform. 

Using AppsFlyer’s Measurement Suite, RummyTime was able to precisely attribute installs from multiple sources, platforms, app stores, and channels and see a holistic view of performance on a single dashboard. This helped the team gain better insights into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimize them accordingly, resulting in increased user engagement and retention.

To combat user acquisition fraud, RummyTime implemented Protect360, AppsFlyer’s multi-layered fraud protection and detection solution. This helped them identify and block fraud before, during, and after the point of install. As a result, RummyTime was able to protect its advertising investments from fraudulent activity, and achieve a more accurate picture of its user acquisition efforts.

For driving personalized onboarding experiences, RummyTime turned to AppsFlyer’s Audiences tool. This enabled them to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns by segmenting their audience based on user attributes, cross-device engagement, and preferences. They were able to build, manage, and connect their audiences to more than 70 different partners, while measuring campaign performance and incremental impact from a single dashboard that shows all re-engagement data in one place.

The RummyTime team successfully streamlined the user acquisition and onboarding journey for new users with the help of AppsFlyer’s Customer Experience and Deep Linking suite. They created personalized, contextualized experiences that seamlessly guided users to the desired location, regardless of their device and operating system. 

For example, RummyTime used AppsFlyer’s deep linking capabilities to generate personalized referral links based on the user’s device and operating system. These links effortlessly directed users to the appropriate app store, eliminating the hassle of manual searching. This improvement significantly enhanced the user experience, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.


After adopting AppsFlyer’s solutions, RummyTime saw remarkable improvements in key metrics: 

  • The company experienced a substantial 6% increase in month-over-month install volume growth, clearly demonstrating the success of its user acquisition campaigns. This achievement can be primarily attributed to RummyTime’s newfound ability to effectively measure and optimize campaigns across multiple media sources.
  • RummyTime also witnessed a notable 5% growth in revenue, thanks to the ability to identify and focus on high-performing channels. This positive outcome was further bolstered by the ability to promptly identify and address fraudulent activities.
  • Using AppsFlyer’s Audiences solution and its Customer Experience and Deep Linking suite, RummyTime achieved remarkable results by identifying promising user segments and implementing dedicated re-engagement campaigns. By implementing personalized and contextualized onboarding experiences for users, the brand experienced a consistent 15% growth in monthly active users, demonstrating improved engagement and user retention.
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