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Scaling Across The Globe With Better Marketing Insights

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Etermax is one of the leading companies in social games in the world. Based in Buenos Aires, Etermax’s entrepreneurial and spirited culture, commitment to their games, and data-driven growth strategies have made them a cross-platform game development powerhouse.


Following the success of Trivia Crack, the Etermax team wanted to scale their business and diversify their publishing portfolio. With a growing portfolio of apps to promote, media running across over 50 networks around the world and a healthy mix of in-app purchase revenue and in-app ad revenue, Etermax’s marketing team needed a better marketing intelligence solution to measure and inform their marketing efforts.


The Etermax team upgraded their mobile attribution and marketing analytics to AppsFlyer. Using AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with every one of their media sources around the world, as well as OneLink™ deferred deep linking across their social, web and email promotions, Etermax began optimizing every element of their marketing efforts to improve their customer retention, monetization and bottom-line ROI.

For example, using AppsFlyer’s industry-leading integrations and postbacks with every one of their media sources, the Etermax team was able to easily scale their programmatic media as well as their retargeting based on real-world performance. Furthermore, using their unlimited in-app event reporting and robust cohort reports, the Etermax team was able to develop a reliable predictive model based on early user engagement. This audience data was synced directly from AppsFlyer to their preferred networks, delivering a substantial retention and revenue lift.

With this early success, Etermax dove deeper into AppsFlyer’s more advanced features, including Custom Dashboards. With Custom Dashboards, the Etermax team found the just the right sets of insights for each team task. Without needing to dig to get to their desired insights, teams found themselves collaborating on a daily basis; across apps, media sources and geographies to improve their performance.


AppsFlyer’s data and insights proved to be the perfect solution for Etermax’s needs, helping them improve every one of their target KPIs. Their retention for non-organic installs tripled in their first few months, and continues to rise. With better insights into their user engagement, retention and ad revenue the Etermax team continues to invest in data-driven, effective user growth, retention, and re-engagement.

As a trusted third-party, Etermax has taken their AppsFlyer performance data to the next level and now uses their Raw Data Reports as the basis for all payments with all of their media sources.



Making the move to AppsFlyer changed everything for the better. AppsFlyer dashboards are intuitive, their data is clean and unbiased, their global integrations are easy to setup and deep. Most of all, we were impressed by their attention to detail in everything from their cohort reports and customer service to their custom dashboards.
Eric Tornquist
Chief Marketing Officer