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Success Story

Stash leverages AppsFlyer attribution and OneLink to connect the dots between web and mobile

End-to-end visibility into their UA funnel from web-to-app allowed the Stash team to acquire high quality users at scale.


Stash was founded to help the 70% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck make financial progress. They began by making investing accessible to anyone, enabling people to invest in well-known stocks and ETFs with just $1. Shortly after, Stash launched simple, no hidden-fee banking to further meet the financial needs of their customers, and to continue their mission of becoming the financial home to the middle class.

Disclaimer: Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only. 1Bank Account Services provided by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC.


Making the decision to switch banks or begin investing is a big step for the average American. Stash believed a frictionless onboarding process was key to making a great first impression and building trust with new customers. To accomplish this, the journey from platform-to-platform, and specifically from Stash’s website to Stash’s mobile app, needed to be flawless. With Stash running marketing campaigns across a number of channels and media, they needed a way to provide their customers with the most seamless web-to-app experience possible.

Furthermore, Stash needed to know where people were hitting snags in the onboarding process and address those quickly to ensure a good customer experience. Data and analytics were critical to diagnosing areas of improvement and solving customer problems.


AppsFlyer’s OneLink helped Stash build a fantastic web-to-app onboarding experience. OneLink’s ability to provide analytics, and a seamless path to download, meant Stash felt confident deploying OneLink as their default solution across their media ecosystem, including a long-tail of less traditional acquisition partners where accurate attribution was critical.

Piping granular attribution data from AppsFlyer into Stash’s data stream gave Stash’s Data Science team visibility into all touch points along the customer journey leading up to an install.


OneLink provided Stash a dynamic solution to measure web-to-app attribution across its various marketing campaigns and partners, while also providing the additional analytics and visibility to help them optimize the customer onboarding experience.

AppsFlyer is an invaluable solution that brings light to our user journey and gives us more confidence in our web-to-mobile strategy.
Kate Palmer, Director of Growth