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TATA CLiQ Boosts Web-to-App Conversions by Over 300% with Smart Banners

  • 300%
    Higher conversions (click to installs)
  • 400%
    Higher average revenue per user (ARPU)

Executive Summary

In 2016, TATA Group launched its multi-category e-commerce platform TATA CLiQ and has since acquired millions of users who crave the latest products in fashion, footwear, accessories, electronics, and luxury. But while the mobile web serves a crucial role in brand discovery and user acquisition, it lacks the seamless user flows of the TATA CLiQ apps. To facilitate the conversion of mobile web users to the native apps, TATA CLiQ implemented AppsFlyer’s Smart Banners, an AppsFlyer product designed to help turn mobile web visitors into loyal app users.


In 2016, Indian conglomerate TATA Group launched its flagship multi-category e-commerce platform TATA CLiQ. Now, TATA CLiQ serves millions of brand-conscious consumers through its TATA CLiQ and TATA CLiQ Luxury platforms with sought-after products in fashion, footwear, electronics, and accessories as well as luxury fashion and lifestyle items. Its omnichannel and first-in-class logistics operations have allowed it to offer quick delivery (by shipping from stores) as well as easy pick-up and returns across 1,200+ brands and 1,000 stores in 100+ Indian cities and counting. However, the company can’t rest on its laurels. As one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets globally, India is projected by IBEF to overtake the United States as the second-largest online marketplace by 2034. This increasingly competitive landscape requires constant optimization of the user experience to ensure customer satisfaction and growth.


Currently, mobile web serves as a crucial platform for brand discovery for TATA CLiQ and the top layer of its conversion funnel. But TATA CLiQ wanted to funnel these users to its apps in order to build loyalty. That’s because user flows on the apps are more seamless, providing a better user experience overall. TATA CLiQ’s main challenge was therefore to capitalize on its mobile web traffic by seamlessly driving conversion from the mobile web to its apps. In other words, TATA CLiQ wanted to know how it can drive mobile web users to install and use the mobile apps.

Achieving this objective called for a solution that could both redirect traffic efficiently and cost-effectively to its apps, while optimizing conversion rates. Doing so would help the performance marketing team boost user growth as well as the lifetime value of these users.


Upon review of a range of potential partners and solutions, TATA CLiQ’s marketing team ultimately chose AppsFlyer’s Smart Banners – designed to help convert mobile web visitors into loyal app users. The implementation of Smart Banners allowed TATA CLiQ to move high-intent mobile web visitors to their apps seamlessly. Powered by OneLink, Smart Banners have the unique ability to route users to the right content regardless of OS, device models, or browser. OneLink also enables the TATA CLiQ team to accurately attribute mobile web visitors to app installs, allowing the growth team to pinpoint the impact of each user acquired in their campaigns.

Higher Conversion Rates:

  • TATA CLiQ implemented Smart Banners within days, resulting in an immediate positive impact in quickly moving mobile web traffic to its native apps.
  • Since user intent to learn more about TATA CLiQ’s offerings was greater on the mobile web, Tata CLiQ was able to capitalize on this traffic. By using Smart Banners and capturing higher-intent users, TATA CLiQ increased conversions (click to installs) by 300% compared to other media sources.

Increased ARPU:

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) shot up significantly. ARPU rates of users acquired from Smart Banners was 400% higher compared to users acquired from any other media source. As Smart Banners is a no-cost feature for AppsFlyer customers, TATA CLiQ registered an unprecedentedly high cross-platform ROI in terms of ARPU.
  • Smart Banners broadened TATA CLiQ’s user acquisition funnel, increasing the performance of its mobile web, with 1 in every 16 users now being acquired with banners placed on strategic pages.

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AppsFlyer has been a very valuable partner
who has not only helped us on the
fundamental implementation of marketing
analytics and attribution but also worked with
us to implement other innovative features
such as P360 and Audiences. This has led to
our achieving better efficiency even while
scaling our investments. We look forward to
many other milestones such as these.
Divesh Sawhney, Head – Performance Marketing