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The Very Group is a hugely successful UK based company that successfully shifted from catalogue mail order to a thriving ecommerce business.

With over 1,900 brands available they offer their customers an extensive range of products through their website and mobile app. 

In 2020, The Very Group conducted an internal review of their evolving mobile marketing needs and existing mobile measurement partner. The decision was made to go through an RFP process. Sue Azari, Very’s Mobile App Commercial Lead, managed that process and ultimately chose to migrate to AppsFlyer. 


Migrating from one MMP supplier to another is never a decision that’s taken lightly.

In The Very Groups case the change was driven by their goal to migrate users from their desktop and mobile channels to their app.

“We conducted analysis of customers who use the app versus those that don’t. We found that app users spend more with us. We also know that the app is our fastest growing channel. The share of desktop usage is rapidly decreasing in terms of sales and visits, with Mobile also starting to reduce. Our app is the primary channel that’s continuing to increase year on year.” – Sue Azari, The Very Group


After a rigorous RFP process, three potential suppliers were selected, before Very finally chose AppsFlyer.

For Sue and the team, the decision was driven by the breadth of the offering and their ability to go much deeper with their data. 

By using People Based Attribution (PBA) Very now has a much richer understanding of their customer’s journey which they can turn into actionable insights. Those insights are creatively applied with plans to drive this further with OneLink, AppsFlyer’s CX and deep linking solution, and Smart Banner, giving The Very Group the perfect combination to support their web-to-app strategy.

“The fact that AppsFlyer offers an all encompassing solution gave us the confidence to select them as our partner. It wasn’t just about attribution, it was ultimately about the end user. Multi touch attribution and people based attribution helps us understand the end-to-end user experience and drive more installs. And, working with a business with a wealth of eCommerce retailers was really important for us. We wanted a partner that was ultimately an extension of our team and in AppsFlyer, we got that.”

Before Very started the onboarding process, documentation was shared and direct contact was arranged between AppsFlyer and Very developers.

A series of weekly onboarding sessions between various stakeholders was then arranged. These covered everything from the basics of mobile attribution for people unfamiliar with the mobile ecosystem right through to more technical conversations relating to SDK implementation.


Very successfully migrated to AppsFlyer in September 2020, just a month before their most critical trading period.

From the richer understanding of the customer journey and behaviors, Sue was able to make better informed decisions with Very’s paid strategy to grow their paid installs by 42% year-on-year. Not only has the Very app become a highly profitable growth channel it’s also now a strong retention channel for the business. 

And all this has been achieved in less time. Sue has saved five hours from her working week because thanks to her AppsFlyer dashboard, she no longer has to pull reports from multiple sources. 

While much of that success is driven by how Sue and her team have embraced AppsFlyer, she acknowledges the pivotal role her CSM, Laura Davis, has played in their migration and success.

“Straight away, I was really impressed by Laura’s knowledge and passion for what she does. She understands our brand and our objectives, she can see where we have gaps and what we could utilize from AppsFlyer to fix them. She’s been really key throughout our onboarding process and she feels like a member of the team. More recently Laura’s helped us navigate the complexity of iOS 14 by sharing what she’s learned and what AppsFlyer are doing to support us.”

Looking forward, Very are committed to giving their customers the best possible user experience.

For Sue and her team that means a real drive to offer deeper personalization from within the app.

There’s also work to be done to increase awareness and promote the benefits of their app amongst their desktop and mobile customers. Sue will work closely with Laura and the rest of the team at AppsFlyer to drive app installs, improve retention levels and continually explore new ways to grow the business.

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