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Measure everything.


    Analyze post-install behavior and identify loyal users with unlimited rich in-app events. Discover the true quality and value of your incoming traffic across all media sources.

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    Bridge app and out-of-app touch points (e.g. mobile website, desktop website and physical stores) to gain a unified view of your users' journeys no matter the channel, platform, or device, both online and off.

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    Deep integrations with leading networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter report your true CPI. AppsFlyer matches CPI with app purchases, subscriptions and in-app event revenues to determine your customer lifetime value and the ROI of each campaign, in real-time.

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    Powerful filters and diverse parameters allow you to slice and dice your data to reveal your app's retention health and opportunities for optimization.

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Connect the dots

The path to purchase can span multiple devices, channels and platforms. No matter the journey, AppsFlyer enables you to engage users throughout the funnel, from the initial touchpoint all the way to conversion.

Drive users from web to app

Create a powerful trigger point along the customer journey to convert web users to highly engaged, loyal app users. With fully customizable Smart Banners accessible from your dashboard, you can pick a template, customize design and add optimal messaging. 

eCommerce web-to-app deep linking with AppsFlyer Smart Banners
eCommerce deep-linking across channels

The perfect conversion path via contextual delivery

Our deep links contain information about the users: what campaign they come from, who referred them, what content they were seeing when clicking on the link and more, delivering a contextually relevant experience based on these data points as soon as the app is opened.

Whether on owned or earned media, our OneLink powerful deep links remove friction and drive users straight to the in-app point of sale — even after install.

The complete guide to mobile attribution & marketing analytics for shopping

Dive deep into our advanced guide that covers key shopping-specific areas of mobile measurement, attribution, and marketing analytics, including:

  • Granular in-app event mapping
  • Advanced fraud protection considerations
  • Deep linking for personalization and re-engagement

And much more!

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eCommerce mobile attribution and marketing analytics guide
eCommerce online and offline attribution with AppsFlyer

Omni-channel LTV

With consumers constantly switching between devices and engaging with your brand across multiple touchpoints, marketing ROI is best measured when data is all connected rather than siloed. But with a simple S2S integration, AppsFlyer enables you to know how your mobile campaigns impacted post-install and retargeting-driven actions on your website, native app or physical shop – and from there the path to smarter campaign optimization is set.

22% of shopping app downloads are fraud

Ad fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry. This powerful industry requires a powerful adversary; one with the means, scale and technology to always be one step ahead of the constantly-evolving fraud techniques. AppsFlyer’s unique scale and unsupervised machine learning are at the core of the mobile industry’s most robust fraud protection solution. We block known and unknown fraud at every level of the conversion flow: before, during, and after install.

fraud prevention AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps
eCommerce giant Jet managed ad campaigns with AppsFlyer

Jet quantifies the value of burst campaigns with AppsFlyer

Learn how Jet tripled their pre-campaign download and new buyer growth rates. In fact, on holiday weekends, this went as high as 5x.

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AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. We have gained full 360-degree insight to our user acquisition activity, while lowering our costs. No marketing tech stack is complete without AppsFlyer.

Sadie Daryan, Global Head of Display & App Marketing

AppsFlyer is my source of truth for engagement and user acquisition and performance marketing. This performance data is where it all begins

Jared Pyle, Acquisition Marketing Manager

Prior to working with AppsFlyer we were working with other MMPs that weren't as reliable. The growth team makes decisions based on the data in real-time; periods of downtime can be very challenging. AppsFlyer has been a real game changer in that aspect.

Preston Lee, Director of Growth

AppsFlyer's solutions, from their anti-fraud tools through in-app events and retargeting have a substantial impact on our mobile ROI.

Doni Nathanial Pranama, Head of Analytics & Internet Marketing

The AppsFlyer team has been very responsive in implementing our recommendations to eliminate fraud. From providing product training proactively to helping us understand the extent of fraud in the mobile ecosystem, the team and the product together have helped us control fraud and build our App base efficiently.

Ashutosh Katoch, Mobile Marketing

AppsFlyer’s attribution and analytics together with Smartly’s Facebook automation helped boost our new user growth and improve our Facebook marketing ROI while reducing the manual work involved in campaign management.

Caio Ferreira, Marketing Manager