Driving adoption of mobile for eCommerce and keeping users active

Sue Azarie eCommerce Industry Lead, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Market insights for eCommerce
  • Best practice mobile marketing strategies
  • How to create user-centric journeys to your app

What’s in this webinar?

Reaching high-value customers is expensive and retaining them is tough in a highly competitive digital marketplace. So how can you drive mobile adoption for your eCommerce app, and then keep those users active? With 29% of apps being uninstalled within 30 days of the download, it’s crucial to have a robust app engagement and retention strategy in place.

In this webinar, AppsFlyer’s eCommerce industry lead, Sue Azari, provides some best practice mobile marketing strategies to set you up for success. Sue also shares how to create user-centric journeys that keep users coming back to your app and, most importantly, making purchases.

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