AdAttributionKit, introduced at WWDC 2024, is Apple’s new attribution framework designed to enhance user privacy and comply with regulatory standards across various marketplaces. It builds on SKAdNetwork with expanded capabilities, and starting from iOS 17.4 the two systems will coexist.

What is AdAttributionKit?

AdAttributionKit is Apple’s innovative attribution framework designed to enhance user privacy and comply with regulatory standards across various marketplaces, including the Apple App Store. 

Introduced at WWDC 2024 and built on the robust foundation of SKAdNetwork (SKAN), AdAttributionKit offers expanded capabilities and better integration for app attribution.

What can AdAttributionKit do?

One of the key features of AdAttributionKit is its re-engagement capabilities, which allow advertisers to measure conversions from ads clicked by users who have already installed the app. 

This is a significant enhancement for marketers focused on user retention and re-engagement strategies. By consolidating all attributions, AdAttributionKit aims to streamline attribution reporting and improve the accuracy and efficiency of campaign performance analysis.

AdAttributionKit also introduces a new developer mode, simplifying the development and testing processes by providing real-time data and debug information. This makes it quicker and easier to identify and resolve attribution issues, ensuring reliable and accurate attribution mechanisms.

What does this mean for SKAN?

AdAttributionKit will be supported from iOS 17.4 onwards, with some features still in beta and slated for release in iOS 18. This means advertisers and ad networks can start planning to use the new AdAttributionKit capabilities, while still relying on SKAN during the transition phase. The interoperability between the two systems ensures they can co-exist without causing data duplications, with the most recent ad impression taking precedence.

AdAttributionKit retains several key capabilities similar to SKAN, including cryptographically signed postbacks and support for 64 conversion values. These features ensure secure and privacy-centric attribution while allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Advertisers are being encouraged to adopt AdAttributionKit to benefit from its new capabilities, including expanded marketplace support and enhanced re-engagement tracking. However, there is no immediate pressure to switch, as both frameworks can coexist, and you can keep existing SKAN conversion schemes without creating new measurement strategies. This makes it easier for marketers to adapt and optimize their campaigns effectively.

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