Assisted installs

Assisted installs are app installs that happened as a result of multiple touchpoints made by the user along the journey to installing an app. These touchpoints (clicks and/or views) prior to the final install are known as “assists.”

The benefits of understanding the complete user journey

Through a method called multi-touch attribution, marketers are able to see the complete user journey; both the assists and the last touch, i.e. final click before the user downloads.

The media source where the last touch happened gets credit for the install. With this credit, or attribution, two things happen:

  1. The media source gets paid
  2. The app marketer knows where installs are coming from

But the media source who got the credit didn’t do it alone.

Understanding the whole story, both the the last touch and the assists, helps marketers better optimize their ad spends for future campaigns.

Assisted install data is also critical in the fight against fraud, as it helps identify click flooding and click hijacking.

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