Click redirection

What is click redirection in mobile ad fraud?

Sometimes referred to as “automatic redirection,” click redirection is a type of mobile ad fraud where, even if a user didn’t click on a certain ad, a script is triggered to redirect them to the ad’s landing page.

If the user ends up downloading and installing an app then that conversion event is falsely attributed to the bad actor (as opposed to the legitimate media source where the user originally saw the ad).

How does click redirection work?

Let’s review a scenario:

During his morning commute, Brian likes to catch up on last night’s sports games.

When searching for highlights, he accidentally lands on a less-than-reputable mobile web page. Then, when clicking the “view last night’s highlights” link, the publisher opens a new window that automatically redirects him to an app download page on Google Play.

Only after closing this window, does the original video play.

This is click redirection.

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