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Big Brands Need To Reset Their Expectations Around Data, According to M&C Saatchi Performance’s Guillaume Lelait

October 21, 2020



The ad industry may need a bit of a reality check when it comes to ad targeting and the kind of consumer data brands can rely on. M&C Saatchi Performance’s Managing Director, Americas, Guillaume Lelait says that recent moves by Apple and Google to limit how brands can target people across the web are making things more challenging for advertisers – and they may have to accept less precision. On the flip side, Lelait sees huge potential in the use of incrementality, as more marketers strive to isolate the impact of each partnership.



Mike Shields (19s):
Hey guys, this is Mike Shields. And in this week of Next in Marketing, I got to talk to Guillaume Lelait, managing director at M&C Saatchi. We talked about all the big changes happening in the marketing data world, why he sees an earthquake coming for some parts of the Ed Tech industry. Lelait also offers a reality check for CMOs, which he says, are you going to have to come to grips regarding some of the limitations facing their businesses and why the Google-Facebook duopoly remains untouchable. Let’s get started. Hi Everybody. Welcome the Next in Marketing. Today my guest is Guillaume Lelait, he’s a managing director at M&C Saatchi Performance. Is that correct?

Guillaume Lelait (51s):
Yes. Correct. Thank you. And…

Mike Shields (53s): Welcome to the podcast.

Guillaume Lelait (55s): Thank you.

Mike Shields (56s):
So, before we get into all that, we have all kinds of things we wanna talk about, talk about, but lets be clear, when people, I think if you’re a certain age, your experience in this industry and you here Saatchi you think of Saatchi and Saatchi, sexy ’80s advertising agency. This is a totally different company and it’s a specific division. So, tell me what you, what’s your job and what is your, what is the performance division all about?

Guillaume Lelait (1m 17s):
Okay, that’s a very good question. So, indeed, you know, M&C Saatchi was founded by the Saatchi brothers. It is a British agency. Initially they were a part of [inaudible] and then they launched, later on, an independent agency. M&C Saatchi Performance was initially more of like a mobile agency. I think originally the name was Inside Mobile and, they got acquired about, you know, close to 10 years ago. And now, you know, with the [inaudible] and the other Performance group. So, we sit under the media umbrella of, of the agency and, you know, we are a marketing performance agency.

Mike Shields (2m 1s):
Right? This, there was a time in this world when a lot of agencies had search only agencies and mobile only in [inaudible] and then they started to come out of, coming together, like you said about a decade ago, I guess.

Guillaume Lelait (2m 12s): Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Shields (2m 13s):
OK. So, you’re at the heart of performance marketing and all kinds of changes going on in that world. I keep asking a lot of folks this question, cause I’m reading everything I can about what’s going on with measurement and regulation and at Google and Apple, all those changes, right? And it’s like, there’s, it seems to be two schools of thought. On the one end, there are a lot of people saying, you know, we’re not going to be able to do one, two, one marketing like we thought. We are going to have to have much more sophisticated data science modeling and targeting groups of consumers and be less precise than we maybe thought, and much more probabilistic. And then there’s, there’s a whole other group in the industry and they are saying, no, you know what, we’re going to have its, its all going to be about one to one marketing with, and email is going to be like the new cookie, almost hash emails and first party data is going to be everything.

Mike Shields (2m 58s):
So, I know it’s a big whopping questions to start with, [Guillaume laughs] but like where, where is the industry going? Is it, is there going to be a clash of philosophies and in terms of the premise of targeting data or what’s happening?

Guillaume Lelait (3m 11s):
I mean, it’s been, it is the subject of the past month and you know, and you, this is about, you know, the announcement of Apple and, and the fact and you know, they are enforcing new privacy, when it comes to opting, or user, user and all of our data. As you know, the announcement has now been delayed, until next year. So, by default, we will continue to get, you know, use all that data at least for now. We’ve got, you know, without having to ask for the consent, but you know, this is still coming early next year. I think, ultimately, you know, I’ve worked on mobile for years now.

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