Data Locker: The Ultimate Marketing Data Sync | AppsFlyer

Data Locker

The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Data Sync

There is incredible power in good mobile attribution and engagement data. However, all too often mobile data is stuck in the dashboards of each individual provider. Data Locker takes your AppsFlyer data to the next level, providing data hungry teams with 24/7 access to all of their mobile attribution and marketing data via a secure storage locker hosted on Amazon S3. Our team has done the hard work, making sure that the full scope of your AppsFlyer data is synced to the Data Locker, so you can focus on your insights and marketing optimization.

Ideal for Tableau, Looker, Power BI and any data visualization tool.

Why Data Locker?

More Data for Better Analysis

Marketing, product and data teams enjoy full access to all of their attribution and in-app event data at the user-level. This includes organic data, full attribution and engagement data, session data, click data and more; all fully configured for deeper analysis via third-party BI tools.

Data Locker puts your data at your fingertips, so you can

    • use click and session data to apply your own fractional attribution logic
    • leverage your user-level (non-aggregated) data click and session data for marketing and product funnel analysis
    • use geolocation and device-type data to create specific user segmentation
      and much more.

Automated Sync

With just one click, your AppsFlyer data will be automatically backed up to your Data Locker in the Amazon Cloud. Avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining real-time APIs syncs, the challenges of scalability and production, with Data Locker’s comprehensive, managed backup.

Safety and Security

Enjoy the ultimate cloud backup, with your data securely backed up in the Data Locker, accessible 24/7 for your own restoration and analysis.