Mobile Marketing shouldn't be a shot in the dark - that's why we've created the ultimate mobile attribution tech stack!
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Mobile Attribution

Attribute every install to its source

User Acquisition Attribution

Attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source that drove that install. Your numbers will always match up, thanks to our automated deduplication and configurable attribution windows.

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Retargeting Attribution

Discover which re-marketing campaigns and media sources are successfully re-engaging your users. Quantify the value of this re-engagement with in-app events to measure and improve your retargeting ROI.

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TV Attribution

Attribute installs to your broadcast TV campaigns easily and effectively. Made even easier with WyWy, Tvty, TVSquare, Shazam and Adalyser integrations.

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Configurable Attribution Windows

Make your data work for you with customizable, configurable attribution windows. Attribution windows are configurable per media source for both view-through and click-based attribution.

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Marketing Analytics

The insights you need to optimize your marketing


    Easily determine which users engage with your app, how they are using your app and what revenues they generate with unlimited rich in-app events.

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  • OmniChannel Measurement

    Preconfigured integrations and robust APIs connect your mobile attribution and mobile app analytics with your other digital and offline marketing, sales and operations performance data for true OmniChannel customer journey measurement and insights.

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  • Cost & ROI Reporting

    Deep integrations with leading networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter report your true CPI (cost per install). We then match your CPI with your app purchase, subscription and in-app event revenue to determine your customer lifetime value and the ROI of each campaign, in real-time.

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  • BI & Raw Data Support

    Your data should be yours to use any way you want it. Our powerful raw-data reports offer full access to your data, any time, anywhere. And our robust API makes it easy to sync your AppsFlyer data with your internal BI systems.

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Unlock an Ecosystem

You will never need another marketing SDK.

Save time and free up development resources. Our deep integrations with nearly every media source (including Facebook) make it easy to track your installs and share postbacks. No need to add another SDK or manually configure… Anything!

Integrated Ad Networks

Save time and free up development resources. Our deep integrations with nearly every media source (including Facebook) make it easy to track your installs and share postbacks. No need to add another SDK or manually configure… Anything!

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Retargeting Integrations

AppsFlyer’s integrations with nearly every retargeting network allow you to start running with any network in seconds. Just enable the integration, share your postbacks, and you are live! No new SDKs needed.

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Push Messaging Integrations

Sync your engagement data from AppsFlyer to your push messaging provider so you can easily and quickly build target segments. Measure the added value driven by your push messaging alongside your other channels, right in the AppsFlyer dashboard.

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Product Analytics Integrations

Deep integrations with every major mobile product analytics platform allow you to share your AppsFlyer attribution and engagement data with just one click.

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Data Integrity

We take your data very seriously.

Transparency at Scale

AppsFlyer offers the industry’s most reliable real-time mobile attribution and analytics platform. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our internal Pingdom overview report.

Our Live Server Status

Independent & Unbiased

The world’s largest advertisers look to AppsFlyer as an independent and unbiased third party. Unlike other attribution providers, we have no financial interest in or paid products for advertising or affiliate networks.

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Active Fraud Prevention

Since our founding in 2011, we have helped advertisers actively prevent mobile fraud. Built on the world’s largest anti-fraud database, our solutions regularly evolve to address the changing face of mobile fraud.

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Global Compliance

Our state-of-the-art real-time infrastructure, advanced security and data protection, independent certifications and global regulatory compliance have earned the trust of the world’s leading brands.

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