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Push & Pull APIs

Feed your data into your business intelligence system

Get all Your Data - Right in Your BI

AppsFlyer’s Push and Pull APIs enable advertisers to sync all of their AppsFlyer attribution and marketing analytics data with their internal data platforms. Where the pull API provides on-demand access this robust data pipeline, the push API allows marketers to receive a HTTP request of all install and in-app event data in real time.

Setting up a push API is the best way to pass a large volume of data in real time. Our push API is ideal for large advertisers who rely on their own BI systems for timely reporting and rapid optimization. For those data teams that prefer to receive data in bulk, the pull API provides the same depth of reporting without the need for real-time infrastructure.


Multiple Endpoints

Because there are often different servers storing different types of data, AppsFlyer allows advertisers to determine which data should be pushed to which endpoint. For example, advertisers can define an endpoint for organic data and another for non-organic; one for in-app events and another for retargeting. Configuring multiple endpoints gives advertisers far better control of inbound data.

Organic Raw Data Included!

AppsFlyer will push all your organic raw data to your systems in real time, including keywords from search engines – a highly valuable source of information that helps marketers optimize their organic traffic.