Ramadan in Southeast Asia: 2020 app market insights


For app marketers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, the Muslim holy month and Hari Raya offer a number of opportunities.

Successful app marketers in the past have managed to ride the waves of these months by smartly investing, timing their pushes, and correctly picking their spots.

AppsFlyer’s Ramadan in Southeast Asia: 2020 App Market Insights Report will provide app marketers with unique insights and takeaways that will be key in planning for the upcoming Ramadan season.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  • App installs, revenue, purchases, and retention rates across verticals
  • Country-level data analysis: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • A new section showcasing fraud rates and types during Ramadan period across verticals
  • Unique insights from Indonesia’s Pegipegi and Malaysia’s Mudah.my!
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