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App Install Fraud in APAC: $650 Million Exposed in Six Months

Fraud… As a mobile marketer, no matter what vertical, you know it’s out there. You should also know that robust protection solutions are available to prevent your data from being polluted and ultimately minimize financial exposure.

The reality for APAC especially is that app install fraud continues to dominate global and regional rates. In our new Fraud Rising: How Bots and Malware Are Compromising APAC’s Apps in 2019 report, we found that the period between November 2018 and April 2019 showed approximately 25 out of every 100 non-organic installs in the region as fraudulent. That’s 60% higher than the average global rate!

We can also see an overall decrease in fraud rate, though levels are still high, likely due to a massive spike in bot activity in mid 2018 which prompted the rapid sophistication of anti-fraud solutions.

To understand more deeply the reasons behind these trends, the report covers:

  • Recent benchmarks on the rate of fraud per country and vertical
  • The extent of financial exposure
  • The types of fraud used most often
  • And much more! 


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