Finding your true north: Measuring your app marketing’s true ROI



ROI is an elusive metric.

Although its formula is straightforward, the data that dictates the numbers is anything but. 

In fact, the ROI (or ROAS) you are measuring may be inaccurate and incomplete, which can derail any marketing efforts and even risk your app’s financial stability.

Accurate ROI for mobile apps is dependent on accurate attribution data which ensures the accuracy of both revenue and cost data.

The guide will lead you towards your true ROI by exploring:

  • Why accurate attribution data is anything but trivial
  • What challenges turn cost aggregation into a major pain point for marketers
  • Why and how a platform should collect, organize, and standardize all cost data from many sources 
  • Why robust attribution and cost aggregation are better together to prevent data mismatches, sub-par optimization, and security risk
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