The state of mobile ad fraud in APAC – 2020 edition



What’s inside

Once a hotbed of app install fraud, the Asia-Pacific region and particularity Southeast Asia and India are showing improvement in H1 – 2020. It appears marketers in the region are finally taking action and protecting themselves. 

However, at $945 million exposed to app install fraud in APAC in H1 – 2020 alone, losses are still a daunting reality. In fact, the region still holds 60% of global exposure to fraud, which hit $1.6 billion. 

The State of Mobile Fraud in APAC explores all the latest global trends in mobile ad fraud, in addition to a country breakdown of top markets in APAC.

We’ll cover:

  • App install fraud rates
  • In-app fraud
  • Post-attribution fraud
  • Distribution of fraud attack methods
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