App Marketers Speak 2024

We surveyed 1,000 growth marketing teams for apps around the world. The results are a pretty clear picture of the challenges, priorities, and trends in the app marketing landscape of 2024. So, get your free copy (no info required), get reading, and get ready for app growth!

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How is your budget changing?

Hope rises from the challenging start of the 2020s as two thirds of marketers project budget increases in 2024. However, that third marketer is still not out of the woods yet, so we’re optimistic with a healthy dose of caution. How is your budget changing?

23% will decrease 12% anticipated no changes 65% anticipated an increase

What are your top challenges?

What are your top challenges?

However, following its surge in 2023, there’s another predictable pain point worth talking about - AI. App marketers see the potential of these tools but we haven’t seen the golden age of AI being used effectively just yet, leading to this expected outcome.What are your top challenges?

  • Targeting with privacy-driven data restrictions

  • Processes and workflows

  • Accurate and trustworthy measurement

  • Budget allocation

  • Proving ROI

  • Hiring and retaining top talent

  • Adopting and applying AI

  • Lower cashflow and longer payback periods

  • Facing increased competition

  • Budget cuts

  • Driving long-term engagement & LTV

  • See no major challenges


Are you exploring new channels for user acquisition?

95% of marketers are exploring new acquisition channels, with online communities and audio channels leading the way for these innovative initiatives. But don’t feel bad for OOH, CTV, and PC & console. They may not be getting a ton of attention from marketers yet, but that’s just because they’re up-and-comers. Expect them to gain traction in the future.

44% Online communities 42% Influencer marketing 27% Connected TV (CTV) 41% Native ad platforms
5% Not exploring any new channels 44% Audio channels 28% Out of home (OOH 27% PC & console

Are you confident in your data and ability to prove your ROI?

This is the question that’s been on every marketer’s mind since the beginning of data analysis and the response? Even amid rising budgets, only 27% of marketers feel very confident in their data. The remaining 73% of marketers should be asking themselves: Even if I succeed, can I prove it? More importantly, will I know what worked so I can do it again?

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