The state of app marketing Australia & New Zealand 2023


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The smartphone market stands resilient despite inflation and rising interest rates in Australia and New Zealand. 

The pandemic fueled a surge in mobile app usage; however, marketers now grapple with the ‘leaky bucket’ effect. While user growth is still soaring, retention rates are plummeting. To outpace these challenges, marketers could explore alternative ways to grow and retain their user base, such as remarketing.

Global mobile app fraud is also surging, necessitating robust anti-fraud measures to prevent budget waste. 

AppsFlyer teamed up with Adobe to help you uncover insights into the ANZ market and turn these challenges into opportunities!

What’s in this report:  

  • Install, remarketing, and consumer spend trends (Jan 2022 – May 2023)
  • Insights on app loyalty via market retention rates
  • Expert advice from Adobe on how to navigate the ANZ app landscape
  • Actionable insights to prep for a competitive 2023 and beyond
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